Martha's Motown Meats is a restaurant located in Detroit, Michigan.


In 2018, while trying to locate the Michael-possessed Dean Winchester, Castiel contacts the demon Kipling in hopes that the demons may know something about where Dean is. Kipling sets a meeting at Martha's Motown Meats, but secretly has the staff and patrons possessed by demons loyal to him.

During the meeting, Kipling and his demons ambush Castiel and take him captive to lure Sam Winchester to the restaurant so that Kipling can negotiate with the hunter as part of his plan to become the new King of Hell. When Sam refuses to make a deal, a battle erupts in the restaurant, leaving Kipling and at least two of his demons dead. With Kipling's death, Sam abolishes the position of Ruler of Hell and the terrified surviving demons flee their vessels, leaving them unconscious or dead on the restaurant floor.



  • The sign outside of the bar reads Motown BBQ Meats. However, the bartender's t-shirt and a sign on the wall inside the bar both give the name as Martha's Motown Meats.
  • The name presumably comes from the fact that Detroit is sometimes known as Motown.
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