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Marta is a hunter and restaurant owner that appeared in Supernatural: Fresh Meat.


Marta is a hunter living in Port Reyes Station with her niece Aggie who has no knowledge of the world of monsters which Marta prefers. She also owns a restaurant called The Pelican's Nest and is an old friend of Bobby Singer.

In 2011, after discovering that he and the Winchesters are hunting an aswang, Bobby reaches out to other hunters to find a way to kill one. A few years before, Marta bought the journal of a Spanish missionary from the 18th century that contained information on Pacific island monsters including aswangs and offers her help in creating a special whip capable of killing an aswang to Bobby.

Bobby arrives at Marta's restaurant with Sam Winchester and she informs them that she can create the whip, but they need several exotic spices to do so. To this end, she sends Sam to Odysseus Spice and Curio Shop to get what they need. While Sam is gone, Marta and Bobby prepare what Marta has on hand and Marta explains how she got the book. Bobby tells her that the drawing of the aswang within matches the Winchesters description and the two theorize that the aswang came to the New World on a missionary ship to hunt unnoticed and began working its way east. Marta warns Bobby that the aswang is smart as its been hunting for a long time and this is the first time someone's picked up its trail and the whip may not work. While Bobby acknowledges this fact, he is still determined to try.

Later, the restaurant is set on fire and Sam returns to find Marta and Bobby saving her books. After the three get the books out, Marta is devastated by the destruction of her restaurant and is surprised to hear that Johennie Odysseus left his shop. Spotting Johennie being held hostage by vampires nearby, the three arm themselves and face the six vampires who try to trade Johennie for Sam and Bobby. After Johennie breaks free, a fight ensues with Marta quickly killing one while wielding her machete like a samurai. As the fight continues, Marta briefly surrounds the leader with Sam, Johennie and Bobby before a surviving vampire attacks them. After Sam seriously wounds the vampire with his chainsaw, Marta finishes him off. As one of the remaining vampires fires on them with a crossbow, Marta chases after and quickly dispatches her. Following the fight and Sam returning Johennie home, Marta agrees to take them home with her to make the whip and is reluctant to leave her burning restaurant.

The hunters arrive at Marta's home where she warns them not to say anything to Aggie and is annoyed when Dean asks if Aggie saw anything suspicious, worrying Aggie. Marta leads them to her art studio where the three hunters spend all night preparing the whip. In the morning, Marta is able to successfully perform the spell to enchant the whip and brushes off Sam's apologies about her restaurant. Marta requests that they tell her if the whip worked or not and gives Bobby a file she has put together of information from the missionary's journal and other information she has compiled regarding the aswang.

Using Marta's information, Bobby is able to track the aswang's progress since its arrival in the United States and identify it as the supposed hunter Jason. Marta's work on the whip works as well and Dean is able to use it to kill the aswang and later destroy its eggs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Expert Hunting Skills - Marta is shown to be an expert hunter with years of experiences. Amongst these skills are expert fighting skills and great research abilities.
  • Lore Knowledge - Marta is shown to have a great knowledge of obscure lore including on aswangs which have never been hunted in the United States before.
  • Spell Casting - Marta was able to create the magical whip that could kill an aswang.


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