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Now, the book can remove that Mark. But you mess around with that, you're gonna do far more harm than good.

The Mark of Cain Removal Spell is a very powerful spell which can remove the Mark of Cain from someone. It was written down in the Book of the Damned by Agnes.


After Dean Winchester took on the Mark of Cain to kill Abaddon and slaughtered a group of human criminals, his brother Sam began looking for a way to remove the Mark, even behind Dean's back when he gave up on a cure. Eventually, Charlie Bradbury discovered the Book of the Damned and the fact that it contained a possible cure inside. After pretending to destroy the Book, Sam approached Rowena for help decoding it and casting the spell. After getting Nadia's Codex, Charlie was able to figure out how to break the Book's code and sent it to Sam before being killed by Eldon Frankenstein. After initially demanding Crowley be killed in exchange, Rowena agreed to remove the Mark in exchange for her freedom and Nadia's Codex. With the help of Crowley, the ingredients for the spell were gathered and Rowena reluctantly killed Oskar for his part in the spell and cast it. The Mark was removed, but the Darkness was released as a result.


The book will grant freedom from the curse, but it wants something in return.

The spell required three ingredients which are very complicated and very difficult to collect. Anyone who wants to cast this spell must be powerful and experienced and collect:

Something made by God, but forbidden to man: The Forbidden Fruit - "The Apple", but later found to be a quince. It was obtained from a Palestinian Warlock by Crowley.
Something made by man, but forbidden by God: The remains of the golden calf idol, which was later destroyed - A piece of gold which was procured and collected from someone in Jordan, which Crowley engaged with at a high risk to his life.
The caster's heart: The life of the thing the spell caster loves most - Blood taken from Rowena's most loved man, Oskar, who she had saved from a terminal illness and granted him immortality with a spell. He was later killed for the sacrifice.

The fourth ingredient is a lock of hair from the intended target (the one who bears the curse).

After all of the ingredients are collected, the caster must put them in a bowl and recite the Latin verses:

Ab manu Dei!
Ab manu hominis!
Ab cruore cordis mei ad fusuro in aeternum!
Tolle maledictionem tuam, ab hoc viro!


By the hand of God!
By the hand of man!
My bleeding heart I cast into eternity!
Take your curse from this man!

After reciting the verses, the caster must drop the target's hair in the bowl containing the other ingredients. After that, a red-bluish spark will emerge with a powerful blast, which will blast anyone in its vicinity away. The spark will strike the intended target and remove the Mark instantly. The Mark will then fade away from the target's arm. However, after removing the Mark, should no one else bear the mark, the spark will be projected away to the sky and form a thunderstorm cloud with some fierce reddish thunderbolts and strike the earth below. From the resulting holes, the Darkness will emerge.



  • While all of the book's content is written in Ancient Sumerian, the spell itself is Latin.
  • It is unknown what would happen if this spell is used on The Darkness if she is already released from her prison.
  • This spell is referred to as "curing" the Mark of Cain while the Winchesters search for it.