Mark Rolston (born December 7, 1956), is an American actor. He had a minor role playing Alastair in season four of the American TV series Supernatural.

He has stared in such horror films as Aliens, and Saw V. As well as such action films as Lethal Weapon 2, Eraser, Hardrain and The Departed. He has also stared in other films of different various genres such as, Survival Quest, Weeds, The Fourth Protocol, Robocop 2, The Shawshank Redemption, Daylight, and Rush Hour. He had a one-shot performance in the television series, The X-Files as well, playing the leader of a religious cult.

He has also had voice acting roles in the Blade Runner video game, as well as the 2008 video game Turok. He also voiced in the TV series The Legend of Calamity Jane.

He had a starring role in the third season of the TV series Profiler, in which he appeared as Donald Lucas (Jack of All Trades). A serial killer, who was responsible for killing main character, Dr. Samantha "Sam" Waters' husband. Donald was soon arrested, where it was later revealed that his arrest was nothing more than a ploy by the real Jack of All Trades, Albert Newquay.


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