Mark Hutchins was the neighbor and former schoolmate Frank O'Brien, a man who died of ghost sickness.


When Sam and Dean met Mark Hutchins, he was amused that they were FBI Agents Tyler and Perry: "Just like Aerosmith!" to which Sam replied, "Yeah, small world." Mark told them that he'd last seen Frank looking at him through his window a few days prior and that he'd waved, but Frank just drew his curtains. Mark revealed that Frank had been freaking out about everything, including Al-Qaeda, ferrets, artificial sweetener, Pez dispensers and "that green bitch" from The Wizard of Oz. In the intermediate stages of what turned out to be ghost sickness, Dean was visibly unnerved by the wildlife citizens of Mark's living room, which resembled a mini aquatic zoo.

When asked what Frank was like, Mark hesitated at first, not wanting to speak ill of the dead. He eventually divulged that in high school, Frank had been "a dick"; the type of bully that enjoyed taping folks' butt cheeks together, and had done to Mark. When Dean asked if there was anyone who would have held a big enough grudge to seek revenge, Mark became a bit confused about their line of questioning, since he understood the cause of Frank's death to have been a heart attack. When pressed by Sam, he said no; Frank had gotten better after having been really broken up over the death of his wife about 20 years prior.


Dean and Marie.

As the interview ended, Mark, who was sporting an actual boa around his neck, noticed Dean's obvious discomfort about it and told him not to be scared of 'Donny'. Dean then struggled to maintain his composure as 'Marie' the giant Burmese python approached him and began to crawl down his body. Mark smiled devilishly and told him it was her he needed to look out for; she could smell fear.


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