Marion is an expert on fairies, who provides Sam and Dean with vital information on their behavior and vulnerabilities.


Season 6Edit

Marion was one of many interviewed by Sam and Dean, while posing as writers, to get scoops on the town's abductions. During their first encounter, Sam, having no soul, displayed little patience with her after she revealed that fairies, not UFOs, were responsible for the abductions. Frustrated, Sam scolded her (to Dean's horror): "If you wanna add glitter to that glue your sniffing, that's fine, but don't dump your wack-a-doo all over us; we'd rather not step in it!"

Later, Dean is assaulted by a Tink, a type of fairy. Sam and Dean consulted Marion and received some very useful information about fairies, including how to "forcefully interact" with them.[1]

SPN 0105

Marion being interviewed by Sam and Dean.



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