Marin's bracelet is a bracelet that was handmade for Marin by her brother.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point after cutting his hand in an archery accident, Marin's Brother created this bracelet for his sister. Due to his injury, the young man bled on the bracelet while creating it.

Following her brother's death, Marin continued to wear the bracelet. Unknown to Marin, due to her brother bleeding on it, the bracelet tied her brother's ghost to the Earth.

After realizing that Marin was being haunted by the ghost of her brother, hunter Sam Winchester asked if Marin possessed something of his. Upon learning of the bracelet and the fact that her brother had bled upon it, Sam realized that it was what was anchoring the young man to the Earth. Protecting themselves with a salt circle, Sam and Marin prepared to burn the bracelet only to have Marin's brother appear and beg them to stop. Sam used a small lighter stolen from Marcus to set the bracelet on fire, destroying it. The ghost of Marin's brother instantly went up in flames and was put to rest.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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