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This unnamed young man was the brother of Marin.



Marin and her brother were close and he made Marin a bracelet even while his hand had been sliced open from an archery accident. In 2011, Marin's brother died of an unknown cause and his family cremated him. However, he remained behind on Earth, tied to the bracelet he made Marin which he had bled upon due to his injured hand. Marin's brother would often speak to her, but remain invisible until he began to get lonely and pushed Marin to kill herself so they could be together. When Marin refused, her brother, now a vengeful spirit, trapped Marin and set the house on fire, very nearly killing her. As a result, Marin was admitted to the psychiatric ward of Northern Indiana State Hospital since everyone believed Marin had tried to kill herself. Bound to Marin's bracelet, her brother's ghost followed her and continued to haunt her.

Season 7[]

While in the hospital, Marin met and befriended hunter Sam Winchester who was there due to his hallucinations of Lucifer. When Marin told Sam her story, he realized that her brother's ghost was haunting her and offered to aid Marin in finally putting him to rest.

Using salt from their food and a lighter stolen from Marcus, Sam and Marin prepared to put Marin's brother to rest when he manifested in Sam's room and begged Marin not to do it. Marin sadly informed her brother that she had to and as he shattered the lights and opened the door, Sam set Marin's bracelet on fire. As Sam and Marin watched, Marin's brother went up in flames with a scream.

Following the incident, Marcus was able to use the damage Marin's brother caused as an excuse to take Sam for electroshock therapy where it was revealed that he was a demon. Before Marcus could harm Sam too much as a result, Castiel rescued him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Marin's brother appeared to be a moderately powerful ghost.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Marin's brother was naturally invisible and normally remained that way even when haunting Marin. He only appeared visually when attempting to stop Marin and Sam from putting him to rest.
  • Thermokinesis - Marin's brother's presence caused the temperature in a room to drop.
  • Pyrokinesis - Marin's brother caused a fire that very nearly killed Marin when she wouldn't take her own life.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - When Marin's brother manifested in Sam's hospital room, it caused the lights to flicker.
  • Telekinesis - Marin's brother locked a door to keep her from escaping and shattered all the lights in Sam's hospital room as well as moved a chair away from the door and opened the door with the power of his mind.


  • Salt - As a ghost, Marin's brother could be kept away with salt as demonstrated when a salt circle kept him back.
  • Destroying Marin's bracelet - As Marin's brother was tied to her bracelet, destroying it put him to rest.


  • The way Marin described her brother's ghost at first makes it seem like he was not always a vengeful spirit but instead became one over time as happened with Bobby Singer. Marin states that at first he would just speak to her and only got violent when the loneliness got to him. This is further indicated by the fact that Marin and her brother were seemingly close in life and he didn't appear to have any reason beyond loneliness to want to harm her. When he appears in Sam's hospital room, he begs Marin not to do it in a saddened tone as well and only resorts to violence when she refuses to stop.