Marin is another patient at the hospital with Sam Winchester.



Marin used to have an older brother until he died a year ago and she had him cremated. A few months before he passed, he had made her a bracelet when his hand was busted open from an archery accident. A few months after his death, he appeared in front of her, and Marin was overjoyed to see him again, unaware that he was a ghost, until he began saying he was lonely and asked her to join him, or he'll help her do it. Her brother traps her in the house and sets it on fire. Marin barely manages to get out. She is soon sent to a hospital for her injuries.

Season 7Edit


Marin's brother.

She meets Sam at the hospital, and offers him a chocolate bar she stole. The next time she comes with a chocolate bar, Sam mentions that he knows about what happened to her. Marin runs away in shock, but comes by his door again later on. Sam asks her for the true story on what happened to her. Marin tells him about her brother and how she feels a chill in the air before he appears. Sam tells her that her brother is a ghost, and asks her some questions. Realizing that her bracelet can exorcise the ghost, Sam gets Marin to gather some salt and a lighter. Marin grabs the stuff and heads back to Sam's room. Sam gets her to put a ring of salt around her and to step inside. When her brother arrives, Sam burns the bracelet, causing Marin's brother to be put to rest. Sam then tells Marin to run. As she leaves, she thanks Sam for his help.[1]



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