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Marilag (family name unknown, née Mercado) is Sally Holcomb's grandmother.


Early StoryEdit

At some point, Marilag came along with her aunt, Malaya, to U.S. and settled in Larkin's Korner (now Braden Heights). Eventually, Marilag married and had some descendants, including Sally Holcomb.

Despite had been long time settled in U.S., Marilag sometimes still used Filipino addressing when address people. She often called Sally with "Dalisay", a Tagalog calling for girl, or "diba" (dear) to others.

Due to advanced age, Marilag had vast knowledge about her family history. She knew Riza Nodd as well and her relation with Sally, which prompting Sam, Dean, and Castiel about her connection with the incidents in Braden Heights when the relationship revealed.

Supernatural: Cold FireEdit



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