Marie is an albino Burmese python belonging to Mark Hutchins.


In 2008, Dean and Sam Winchester visited Mark to discuss about Frank O'Brien. During the conversation, Mark notices Dean is uncomfortable being around snakes, but Mark reassures him that Donny, the one wrapped around his neck, is a sweetheart.

He alerts Dean to Marie, who is crawling over the couch onto Dean's shoulder. Mark tells Dean that Marie is what he should worry about, because she can detect fear. Mark watches with amusement as Marie slithers all the way down Dean's left leg, onto the floor.



  • Dean's reaction towards Marie is ironic, since Burmese pythons are generally afraid of humans and tend to avoid them.
  • Donny & Marie was a popular American variety show in the ‘70s that starred sibling pop stars Donny and Marie Osmond.
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