It's called a Marid. It's a freaky-looking little thing isn't it? As long as you feed it, it gives you money, it gives you health, it gives you everything you ever dreamed of.

A Marid is a type of creature that can grant riches and health in exchange for the blood of innocents.


On his final hunt before retiring, hunter Lee Webb found a Marid. Capturing the Marid, Lee spent over a decade feeding Marid blood in exchange for riches and health. However, Lee's murder of Angela Sullivan was detected by his old friend Dean Winchester who investigated the case. Lee attempted to feed Dean to Marid, but Dean was able to break free and kill Marid and Lee.


Marids take the form of a scaly humanoid with spikes around its head that feeds on blood. In exchange for being fed, they can grant the person feeding them whatever they wish.

Powers and Abilities

  • Reality Warping - In exchange for being fed, they can give out riches, health and anything that a person can dream of.
  • Super Strength - When angered, a Marid was able to break through a sturdy metal door.


Known Marids



The Marid is a type of Shaitan (or demon) in Islamic traditions. The Arabic word meaning rebellious is applied to such supernatural beings. They share traits in common with Jinn and genies.


  • A Marid's ability to grant riches and health in exchange for being fed is similar to the deity Moloch from The Memory Remains.
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