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So now I'm asking you Lord. Why? Please tell me. Why does she have to suffer from this disease that will take her life?
Maria praying to God
in Temptation of the Demon
Maria was a minor character featured in Supernatural: The Animation. She was a faithful Christian and the mother of Meg Masters.

History Edit

In Temptation of the Demon, when Maria's daughter became gravelly ill, Maria began praying to God for help. Her prayer was interrupted by the arrival of Azazel, who tried to pursue her into giving up her faith and joining his side.

Maria was at first, hell-bent on defying Azazel, but as Meg's health deteriorated, Maria was forced to accept Azazel's help in exchange for her services.

She killed a hunter on Azazel's orders, and in doing so, attracted the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester. The brothers, plus Bobby, managed to confront her. At this point, Maria was possessed and the demon fled, leaving Maria to die from gunshot wounds she sustained during the confrontation.

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Trivia Edit

  • Maria is an anime-only character.
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