These three unnamed men acted as sentries for Margaret Astor's auction of Saint Peter's skull.

History[edit | edit source]

When Margaret Astor held an auction for Saint Peter's skull, she brought these three men along to act as sentries outside of the warehouse where the auction took place. After Sam Winchester arrived, one guard escorted him inside, but returned to his sentry duty once Sam was accepted into the auction.

As the men continued to guard the warehouse, one was approached by Father Lucca Camilleri who told the sentry that he was there to distract him. As the man was confused by Lucca's words, Dean Winchester snuck up behind him and chocked the sentry unconscious. Though Lucca questioned if Dean killed the man, Dean just scoffed at the question. Dean managed to render the other two sentries unconscious without being detected and took the first sentry's gun for added firepower.

In the aftermath, the men were presumably arrested by the police alongside Richard Greenstreet after the Winchesters called the authorities to the scene.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the firefight, Dean dual-wields one of the sentries guns alongside his Colt M1911A1. However, he eventually runs out of bullets and is forced to discard the gun without ever hitting anyone with it.
  • When Richard Greenstreet is arrested, the men aren't seen with him. However, the police have secured the outside of the warehouse, there is no sign of the sentries on the ground outside and there is more than one police car, suggesting that they were likely arrested off-screen.
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