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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Professor Marcus Wallace is a professor-turned-hunter on an unnamed university at San Francisco. He is the expert that Sam and Dean visited when they needed help finding information on a Doragon Kokoro, in order to slay The Heart of the Dragon.


No much is known about his life. The only thing known is that he was somehow involved in hunting and befriended some Hunters, including John Winchester and Bobby Singer in the past. In 1989, John and Bobby entrusted him for Doragon Kokoro safekeeping.

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon[]

In 2009, the Winchester's tracked the sword's location and coincidentally met professor Marcus Wallace, after the latter got a heart attack in a hospital. Marcus Wallace, realizing the both of them are the Winchesters and son's of John, he recounted his experience with John and Bobby in the past. He later decided to lend them the sword.

Powers and Abilities[]

Not much is known about his power and abilities. But as a professor-turned-hunter, he has expertise in lore, which is helpful for hunters.

  • Supernatural Awareness - As a hunter, he has been aware and has vast amount of worldly and supernatural knowledge, for years. Due to this, he has renowned reputation among hunters, including John and Bobby.
    • Expert Lores Knowledge - Due to being an expert in lore, he has a vast amount of knowledge about lore, including its supernatural aspects.