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Marco Salazar (1971-2011) was a Customs and Border Protection officer that appears in Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.


At some point in his life he met a woman named Rena, he ended up marrying her and remained faithful to her for nine years. Also at some point in his life he had joined Customs and Border Protection (CBP). However, when he met officer Cara Jean "CJ" Hogeland he ended up having an affair with her, Marco knew it was a bad idea due to it breaking Rena's heart and that CJ could file a sexual misconduct against Marco. Marco ended up becoming obsessed on CJ, thinking about her when he was in cheap motels, in the back of his SUV and even one notable occasion in the men's room at the gun range, Marco knew that he was thinking of CJ every waking minute of his life.

Marco, along with CJ and her partner, veteran agent Davis Keene were assigned to stop a truck filled with eleven illegal immigrants driven by Fernando "Ojon" Ruiz Hierra, a man who was caught by the CBP twice but was let go due to no one testifying. When Ojon and the immigrants got close to the CBP officers they stopped the truck, got Ojon and arrested him. However Marco noticed that CJ was looking at the back of the truck and they heard the screaming of the immigrants and the sounds of some kind of feral animal. The truck's door bursts open and a naked woman with black hair jumps out and rips CJ's throat and face off, killing her slowly. Marco is horrified but manages to shoot the naked woman twice before the naked woman jumps and Marco and kills him, the naked woman then kills Davis, who was her target and Ojon.


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