Public Defender Mara Daniels was assigned to the case of Sam and Dean Winchester, but ended up lying to the FBI to help cover for the boys after they escaped.


Season 2Edit

She first met Sam and Dean when they were in the custody of Agent Henriksen. She had them sent to a correctional facility for a week. During this time, she reviewed their case, and found it odd. Dean later called her to talk about the case. When she met with him, she was surprised that Dean did not care about his case, and went on instead to ask for some information about another person. Dean asked her to find out where Nurse Glockner was buried. She was confused by this, but as Dean insisted on it, she came through for them and gave them the location of the grave. Then, they broke out of jail and Henriksen asked her if she gave or told them anything. She told him she told them where the Nurse Dean was looking for was buried. She gave him the location of a graveyard but not the one Sam and Dean were at.[1]




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