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Malfayan was a minor demon who was friends with Belphegor.


In Hell, Malfayan had a friendship with his fellow demon Belphegor. When God opened every door in Hell, Malfayan decided to remain behind instead of leaving with the rest of the demons in order to raid Lilith's Chamber for treasures.

After returning to Hell for Lilith's Crook, Castiel and Belphegor stumble across Malfayan raiding Lilith's Chamber. The two demons are surprised to see each other and Malfayan explains that its "not like Lilith's coming back." Castiel angrily shoves the demon up against a wall with his angel blade to Malfayan's throat. Surprised, Malfayan tells Castiel to take it easy and is surprised that Belphegor is working with angels now. Belphegor tells his friend that Castiel is "a little on edge" as an explanation. Belphegor confirms that Malfayan doesn't have Lilith's Crook and the two demons commiserate over the Haxon Ring which Malfayan is wearing. Castiel stabs Malfayan with his angel blade, killing the demon much to Belphegor's annoyance.

Powers and Abilities[]

Malfayan appears to be a regular demon with all the powers of one.


Malfayan has all the regular weaknesses of a demon.