This unnamed man was chosen by ''an angel'' to die before he did something evil. 

Background[edit | edit source]

When Dean and Sam bought the supplies necessary for the summoning, Sam saw the sign of the angel on this man when he stood at the street with a bag of supplies. When he started to leave, Sam attempted to go after him to stop him from doing something evil, but Dean stopped him. 

When the man went to his car and started to leave, Dean went to the Impala and locked the car door so that Sam could not enter. Dean told Sam to go and perform the séance and that he would follow the man.

When Dean followed the man, he stopped at the house of a woman who was waiting for him. The man got out of the car with flowers and gave them to the woman before they drove off together, and Dean followed them.

The man stopped the car in an alley and tried to kiss the woman. She pushed him, then he hit her, and locked the car, trying to kill her using a utility knife. Dean smashed the car window, hit the man and unlocked the car door, rescuing the woman.

The man attempted to escape in his car and Dean chased him, until the man's car nearly collided with a truck. A metal pipe fell from the truck and impaled the man, killing him.

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