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Malaya Nodd (née Mercado) was wife of Dr. Calvin Nodd


Early StoryEdit

Malaya met Calvin Nodd when the latter was recovering from his wounds in the Philippines. Calvin, who suffered PTSD due to the wartime experience, fell in love with her and felt hope again. He eventually married Malaya and took her home to Larkin's Korner after the war. However, Malaya died when giving birth to their daughter Riza due to massive blood loss. The death of Malaya made Calvin fall into depression and become convinced once more that he is cursed and Riza is meant to punish him by dying if he loves her or being an agent of his punishment if he detaches himself from her.

Without her mother, Riza also eventually grew up rebellious and difficult to control.

Supernatural: Cold FireEdit

Malaya name firstly mentioned by Marilag, when she told Sally and Castiel about Sally's ancestry. She also reveal how Malaya died during childbirth, how her child Riza grow without her presence until she disappeared. Futhermore, when realized that Sally were pregnant, Marilag also mentioned her name among of unlucky fates faced by pregnant member of Mercado family in Braden Heights like her, Riza, and Sally, where death or sadness always surrounding them during the pregnancy.

Due to her way to death, Dean later tried to figure out how her death possibly related with killing spree in Braden Height. They later searching through Filipino lore, and able to figure out that was Pontianak who committed it. Since Pontianak born from spirits of women that died during childbirth, Sam, Dean, and Castiel initially suspected that she was the Pontianak.

When investigating Larkin's estate, Sam finally locates Calvin's journal, which explaining his actions and the Winchesters are disturbed by what they learn and realize that Riza is the Pontianak, not Malaya as they had assumed.


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