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I'm just following your example Castiel, how many did you kill in Heaven, during the fall...? Oh... you didn't know, a host of angels died when they fell. Azrael, Sophia, Ezekiel died. It doesn't even describe it.
— Malachi to Castiel
in Holy Terror

Malachi is a fallen angel who appears in Holy Terror. He is the rival of Bartholomew and, like his rival, has drawn followers and is amassing an army for a war, and killing those who refuse to join. Malachi was killed, off-screen, by Gadreel.


Malachi was a low-level angel in Heaven before he fell.

Season 9[]

In Holy Terror, Malachi, with his more brutal celestial forces, slaughtered some of Bartholomew's angels, wanting to get his attention so he could have a meeting with his rival. Malachi believed that the best way to retake Heaven from Metatron was to unite all of the fallen angels. However, Bartholomew saw Malachi as nothing more than a street thug and when he didn't show up for the meeting, Malachi killed the angels that Bartholomew had sent to represent him, declaring all out war between the angel factions.

Malachi had also been capturing and torturing fallen angels who had refused to join either side. Among them, Muriel, who he captured along with the former angel, Castiel. He knew that Castiel had been close to Metatron when the scribe had cast the angels out of Heaven so believed that he knew Metatron's weakness. When Castiel claimed he couldn't answer his questions, Malachi had Muriel killed in front of Castiel to try and force his hand. When Castiel chastised Malachi for his violence against fellow angels, Malachi scoffed at him, reminding him of how many Castiel had killed in Heaven and even more who had died in the fall, explaining that not all of the fallen angels had survived the descent to Earth. Malachi then left Castiel in the hands of one of his torturers, Theo. Unknown to Malachi, his follower wished to join Metatron in the new Heaven, believing that Malachi was insane and that the war between him and Bartholomew would have no survivors. Castiel managed to kill Theo, stealing his grace in the process so he could regain his angelic abilities. Being an angel again, Castiel killed many of Malachi's followers on his way out, shocking Malachi.

In King of the Damned, Castiel mentions that Malachi was killed by Gadreel


Malachi is described as scary and dangerous. Being a lesser angel by origin, Malachi is somewhat insecure and clearly resents and envies the angels above him and strives to gain both power and respect, and wishes to be seen as an equal, or at least a threat, by his higher brethren.

He seems to be a competent leader, having amassed a small army of angel followers to do his will, though they mostly serve him out of fear. Theo, one of Malachi's followers, described him as insane. Malachi is also very cruel, even to his fellow angels; torturing and murdering innocent angels either to gain information or as punishment for either defying or attempting to hide from him.

Malachi is also emotional and seemingly slightly unstable, capable of switching between moods and jumping to extreme with ease.

Powers and Abilities[]

Malachi possesses the standard powers of an angel.


Killed By[]

After Malachi refused to join Metatron, he was killed by Gadreel on Metatron's orders.



  • The Book of Malachi is a prophetic book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture.
  • Malachi is also used as the conventional name for the unidentified fifth century b.c. writer of the Book of Malachi.
  • A rebel angel named Malachi appears in Marvel Comic's Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation series.
  • Castiel calls him an anarchist.
  • Malachi, as in the Hebrew word malachi literally means "my angel".
  • He is the second season antagonist, either primary or secondary, who never had any interaction with Sam and Dean Winchester. The first is Bartholomew, his rival.
  • He is also the first antagonist whose death was not seen on-screen. 

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