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Malachi is a fallen angel who appears in Holy Terror. He is the rival of Bartholomew and, like his rival, is has drawn followers and is amassing an army for a war, and killing those who refuse to join. [1]


Season 9

Holy Terror

Malachi makes his first appearance in Holy Terror.


Malachi is described as scary and dangerous.

Powers & Abilities

Malachi possesses the standard powers of an angel.

  • Angelic Possession - Malachi requires a willing human vessel to exist in corporeal form.
  • Telepathy - Malachi can tap into "angel radio".


  • The Book of Malachi is a prophetic book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture.
  • Malachi is also used as the conventional name for the unidentified fifth century b.c. writer of the Book of Malachi.
  • A rebel angel named Malachi appears in Marvel Comic's Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation series.


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