Magic can do anything, Samuel, can contain anything... even the vast multitudes of Hell.

A coven of witches using magic against Amara.

Magic is the power to affect change by supernatural means. Magic can often be split into black and white, though depending on the situation, may also be neutral. All creatures (both human and non-human) are connected to this power and are able to access it through practice and training. However, whilst anyone can theoretically cast spells and perform other feats of magic with access to the proper texts and materials, witches generally have more knowledge and understanding of the mystical energies and supernatural forces that charged the entire universe.

Variants of Magic

Natural Order

The The Natural Order in and of itself is magical in nature. It dictates the universal aspects of reality. Even God and Amara are to some degree bound to it as it demands their co-existence or co-death. On many occasions, Death has shown his staunch support of the Natural Order. Even when acknowledging the efforts of the Winchesters in saving the world, Death would still point out how the hunters' repeated resurrections were an affront to the natural order.

God Power

Amara and God belong to this category. While God is technically a deity in his religion, the caliber of power God has is vastly superior and different to that of the other pantheons in the show. His magic is completely independent of tribute whereas many of the pagans were greatly stronger in the past than present time due to greater amounts of tribute. Amara, God's sister has similar properties to her power. God's power was capable of creating the multiverse and even alternate dimensions, while Amara has the power to destroy them all. Their power and being also functions as part of the Pillars of Reality in The Natural Order. The loss of one of them and their power would undo reality. It is believed this can be prevented if the multiverse lost both of them.

Angelic or Enochian Magic

Angelic magic is an extremely powerful form of magic that is mainly practiced by angels. Because there are many variations of angels, there are also many variations of angel magic that is specific to the angel. For example, while angels are known to possess highly advanced and very powerful angelic magic with the ability to banish demons, resurrect the dead, and travel through alternative dimensions, other angels are unable to achieve these feats of magic. However, angels can be limited on what they can do. This depends on heaven's laws or who is in command at the time, the factor of strength each angel's grace is, as well as other magic at play like sigils designed to weaken angels. Some other supernatural beings such as Eve and Leviathan can cut angels off from their power and prevent them from using their abilities. Enochian magic is not exclusive to angels, however. Humans, demons and other beings, like the Whore of Babylon, well-versed in Enochian can use or counteract this magic. It has been shown that if humans use certain Enochian Magic, it takes a toll on the caster's soul draining it until it's gone as with the case of Lily Sunder. Angelic Grace the source of angels powers, is also the energy source that keeps Heaven in its place. If there isn't a sufficient amount of Angels in Heaven or an immensely powerful one, Heaven will collapse overtime and all the souls will be subsequently returned to Earth.

Demonic Magic

Demon magic is a very powerful form of magic that is mainly practiced by demons. Due to the fact there are many variations of demons, there are also many variations of demon magic that is specific onto the demon. For example, while most demons are known to possess the basic powers of super-strength and telekinesis, other demons have been shown other advanced powers such as mind control and teleportation. A high-tier demon such as Alastair, Cain and the Princes of Hell can match or even overpower regular angelic magic.

Some demons, such as crossroad demons, can create their own rules that they may dismiss at anytime. For example, most crossroad demons provide contracts to humans in exchange for their souls, promising them 10 years or more for whatever they wish. While most demons are loyal to their promises, some demons have been known to swindle people by killing them sooner than their deal.

Purgatory Magic

The more ancient entities from Purgatory are able to perform their own magic, or, in some cases, borrow other kind of magic. Eve, the mother of all monsters, could draw on monster souls to boost her power, could sever angels from their power source, and could alter human souls and create new monster species. An unknown monster species who possessed a human and was later known as Dr. Visyak knew how to use Enochian sigils. Dragons could perform a spell to summon Eve to Earth. Purgatory's first inhabitants, the Old Ones or Leviathans, could also negate angelic powers.

Fairy Magic

Fairy magic is a powerful form of magic that is exclusive to fairies. Because there are many variations of fairies, there are also many variations of fairy magic that is specific to the fairy. While bright fairies practice bright magic, dark fairies practice dark magic. Fairies also exhibit other powers such as shape-shifting, telekinesis and teleportation. Some fairies share similarities with genies, where they are forced to grant wishes to the person who has summoned them. Other fairies share similarities with demons, where they will make deals with humans in exchange for their souls or something of value to them. A leprechaun once claimed that they have magic that can circumvent even the powers of heaven and hell.

Human Magic

Human magic can have different focus. Witchcraft, the most common, is a practice of magic that encompasses many different types of activities including astrology, divination, spell casting, and spirit communication. It includes the practices of many cultures, nations and religions as well as many books and writings from ancient times. Magic used by extremely talented witches like Rowena is also able to heal even the most powerful beings like Amara. Some spells can bind powerful beings like Death even if they were performed by humans who do not regularly practice magic, such as when the Winchesters bound Death.

Although witchcraft is commonly practiced among humans, other species have been known to practice witchcraft as well. For example, a crossroad demon gave Becky Rosen a love potion that she used to make Sam Winchester fall in love with her.

Witchcraft may be innate, like Rowena's, or borrowed magic, usually from demons. However, some witches, such as Nora, consider themselves good, and their magic is labeled "white".

Other forms of magic practiced by humans are voodoo, hoodoo and shamanism. Some humans, like Henry Winchester of the Men of Letters, can draw on souls to use magic.

Pagan Magic

Pagan magic is a very powerful form of magic that is strictly practiced by pagan deities. Human and other kinds of tributes and sacrifices seem to increase its potency. It seems the act of tributes is the factor, rather than worship of a deity or deities. Pagan deities have taken tributes from humans, that do not worship them; as well actions done by humans have attracted deities that are not a follower of the respected deity's religion and taken them as tributes. Pagan magic depends entirely on the deity's attribute—it could be elemental, such as the case of Vesta controlling flames, protective and supportive, as in the case of the Vanir, or they could have a number of abilities, as in the case of Kali being able to cast binding spells and using fire as a means of attack.


  • Different dimensions have different variations of magic. For example, Heaven is known to have the most powerful white magic while Hell is known to have the most powerful black magic. It is also known that alternative dimensions have magic as well. This was proven when Dean and Sam Winchester traveled to a parallel universe where the magic was significantly weaker than the magic in their world.
  • Rowena has stated that to cure one curse, one has to know how to inflict another; they live side-by-side in the magic world, and one cannot be without the other.[1]
  • According to Rowena, one of the cardinal rules of magic is that disposition affects execution; this implies that performing spells correctly demands a certain frame of mind.[2]
  • Dean once compared magic with cocaine, stating that once someone gets a taste of it, it's surprising what they will do.[3]
  • Rowena claimed that magic can do anything as well as contain anything.[4]
  • The Mark of Cain, is stated to be the first curse and among the oldest and most powerful magics.
  • Rowena has described herself as a pagan since she serves magic, not God.[5]
  • According to Rowena, Amara is able to destroy magic itself.[6]


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