Margaret "Maggie" Stark is an extremely powerful 800 year-old witch who is married to Don Stark.

Season 7Edit

Maggie and Don have been together for a long time, then when one of her friends, Sue tells Maggie about Don's affair. Angry, Maggie leaves him and begins to take out people close to Don. Her actions bring Sam and Dean Winchester to town. As they check out her house, Maggie drives up and Sam stalls her. Later on, Don approaches Maggie telling her about the Winchesters visiting him and to cool down. Maggie knows they're Hunters, and is angry that he is telling her what to do.

During her painting exhibit, Don uses his magic to destroy her paintings, which makes Maggie furious. She approaches Don about this, but are interrupted by Sam and Dean attempting to kill her with a spell. The spell doesn't work, and she attacks them. But thanks to Sam and Dean, she and Don rekindle their relationship. Although she still puts hex coins in their motel room as they indeed tried to kill her.

Don later comes to Sam and Dean's motel to remove the coins and save them, and saves them twice by stunning a Leviathan who was sent to kill them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maggie Stark is one of the most powerful witches in series.

  • Spell Casting - Sam claimed that her merely being angry was causing all plants that were close to her targets to die.
    • Hexing - She could kill people from afar by planting a magical coin in their vicinity.
    • Telekinesis - She flung Dean across the room with a wave of her hand.
    • Reality Warping - She destroyed Don's statue just by looking at it.
  • Immortality - Being 800 years old, Maggie have been shown to live much longer than typical humans. Maggie is potentially immortal.



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