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Maggie Briggs was a poltergeist.


In the 1720s, she was a witch and lived in the house of Isaiah Pickett, who, according to the legend, hanged her in the backyard for witchcraft. In reality though, she was killed because she was carrying his illegitimate child. Isaiah buried her body in the basement, and her spirit haunted the house ever since.

Season 5[]

Sam and Dean Winchester are hunting Maggie, when Gary Frankle, a teenage witch casts a spell that makes his and Sam Winchester's minds switch. Dean Winchester and Gary, now in Sam's body manage to locate Maggie's grave, thanks to some knowledge that Gary has (being a witch himself). They go to the basement of Pickett's house, where they find her grave. Maggie attacks them, but they salt and burn her remains, vanquishing her.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Salting and Burning remains - Gary put her to rest by through this method.