That's not my name. I'm not Magda. I'm the Devil.
Magda to Sam Winchester

Magda Peterson was a young psychic girl.


Magda was born with powerful psychic abilities and one day, while arguing with her mother over getting a new cell phone, mentally jerked the wheel of the car, causing an accident that left her mother with damaged nerves and constant pain. Becoming deranged and fanatically religious, Magda's mother Gail cut the family off from the world, faked Magda's death and locked her in the basement of their home. Believing Magda to be possessed by The Devil, Gail would force Magda to whip herself to try to get the Devil out of her.

Season 12Edit

In American Nightmare, Magda desperately reaches out to Olivia Sanchez in an attempt to get help. Magda's efforts caused Olivia to start repeating the prayer Gail forced Magda to say and caused stigmata on Olivia. The use of Magda's powers on Olivia ultimately scrambled Olivia's brains and killed her. Magda tried to reach out to Ricky Copeland in the same manner with the same result.

While investigating the deaths, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester learn of Magda's supposed death of pneumonia and Sam suspects her to be a vengeful spirit. While searching the Peterson farm for EMF, Sam overheard Magda's father and brother discussing her and realizes she's alive. Sam is captured by the two and chained up with Magda who demonstrates her telekinesis. Sam realizes she's psychic, not possessed and explains about his own former abilities and insists Magda can learn to control her powers. At dinner, Gail attempts to poison her family to death, killing Magda's father Abraham. When Gail tries to force her brother Elijah to eat the poisoned food, Magda intervenes, flinging away the food with her telekinesis. Elijah is killed protecting Magda from his mother and Magda telekinetically turns her mother's own knife on her. However, at the insistence of Sam, Magda does not kill her mother.

The next morning, Gail is arrested for her crimes and social worker Beth Roberts arranges for Magda to go live on her aunt's ranch. At a bus stop on the way to the ranch, Magda enters a bathroom where she is murdered by Arthur Ketch.

In Ladies Drink Free, Dean tells Mick Davies about them giving Magda a second chance due to her circumstances and the fact that "everything isn't black and white out here." Mick is aware of who Dean is talking about, but doesn't tell him of Magda's murder.

In Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, Arthur admits to killing Magda to Mary Winchester, stating as part of cleaning up after her sons "I killed a psychic girl they thought was human."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magda had powerful psychic abilities.

  • Telepathy - Magda could read people's thoughts.
  • Mental Projection - Magda was able to project her thoughts into another person's brain and have them repeat what she told them. However, prolonged use of this power scrambled the target's brain.
  • Telekinesis - Magda could move objects with her mind. She was able to levitate a cross into the air and psychically control her mother's knife.
  • Biokinesis - While attempting to reach out to Olivia Sanchez and Ricky Copeland for help, Magda caused wounds in the form of stigmata to appear on their bodies.



  • Sam's intervention in Magda's attempt to get revenge on her mother mirrors Sam's intervention in Max Miller's attempt to get revenge on his step-mother. The main difference is that Magda did not commit suicide afterwards, and chose to accept Sam's promise that despite her powers, she would be okay.
  • It is shown in the episode that she was born June 4, 1998.
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