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Magda is a witch and an acquaintance of Rowena MacLeod.


After Jack falls deathly ill due to his human and angel sides attacking each other without his grace to maintain a balance, Rowena calls some of the best minds in witchcraft for help, including Magda. Magda is apparently reluctant to talk to Rowena due to her not being on good terms with anyone, but admits that she doesn't know of anything that can help.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Witchcraft - She is highly skilled in spellcraft to the point that even Rowena asked her for help to heal the Nephilim Jack and referred to her as one of the best minds in witchcraft.



  • She is the second witch in the show to be named Magda. The first was Magda. It is assumed that they are two different characters since the later was killed on-screen by a waiter demon.