Maeve is a student at St. Alphonso's Academy in Flint, Michigan.


Maeve takes part in the production of the Supernatural musical led by Marie, to whom she acts somewhat as an assistant. Maeve serves as the stage manager.

Maeve is present when she and Marie encounter Sam and Dean. Maeve initially mistaken them for publishers, until the two men reveal their FBI badges. Sam and Dean have come to investigate the disappearance of Ms. Chandler, and both Maeve and Marie agree she is likely drinking at the liquor store, due to a nasty divorce the year before.

When Maggie attempts to ruin the show, Marie witnesses her getting kidnapped by what appears to be a real scarecrow. She is left shaken by the experience, and Maeve tends to her by serving her coffee. Marie admits the police didn't believe her stories, blaming it on "overactive imagination". Maeve tells Sam and Dean she wants to believe in ghosts and demons, and Sam and Dean encourage it, since those things are real as they reveal they are the Winchesters.

The girls accept, but deny any possibility that Sam and Dean are the real ones because they are too old. Maeve compares them to Bobby and Rufus. When Sam suggests the scarecrow was based on her version of a scarecrow, the four come to the conclusion that they're dealing with a tulpa. However, their suspicions are proven incorrect when evidence confirms that the culprit is in fact Calliope.

Since Calliope will eat the author at the end of a play, Marie is disheartened and eager to end it, but Sam and Dean encourage her to keep the show going. Maeve stands by and the two play a scene featuring Dean (portrayed by Siobhan) and Castiel (portrayed by Kristen). Meanwhile, Sam and Dean defeat the scarecrow and Callope, saving both Maggie and Ms. Chandler.

Maeve compliments Sam on saving everyone. She advises him to cut his hair since he would make a pretty great Dean. Sam thanks her for the comment. Later on, Maeve supervises the musical featuring Carry On Wayward Son. When Kristen comes on stage portraying a character Sam and Dean do not recognize, Maeve points out that it's Adam Milligan, who's still stuck in The Cage with Lucifer.

After the play is finished, Maeve runs over to Marie to inform her that someone had claimed the ticket left for the publisher. Marie is excited, and Maeve encourages her to go fan girl. The publisher turns out to be Chuck Shurley.



  • Maeve revealed to Sam Winchester during an interview that she is a Dean-girl, because she likes handsome tough guys.
  • Maeve is the first person to mention Adam since Dean's conversation with Death in the season 6 episode "Appointment In Samarra".
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