It's a miracle! God wants me to live!
— Madoff

Madoff was a suicidal man.


According to detective Glass, Madoff had invested everything in Roman Industries and lost it all when they crashed and burned the year before.

This drove him to suicide. Madoff left a note and climbed to the top of a building. He prepared himself and took a step over the edge.

Miraculously, Madoff doesn't fall to his death. His feet appear to stand on an invisible platform. He becomes elated, but after ten seconds, he looks down and then drops, or, according to detective Glass, he went "splat". Two witnesses saw him and informed the police.

Detective Glass noted that his death sounded like something straight out of a cartoon, so she informed Sam and Dean, who were posing as FBI agents.



  • Madoff is the second victim of the episode. The first was Gary Freleng.
  • On the actor's IMDb page, he is credited only as "Jumper".
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