"All of a sudden, this Jesus character is the hot new thing in town. All of a sudden, our altars are being burned down, and we’re being hunted down like common monsters."

Madge Carrigan was a Pagan deity of the Winter Solstice along with Edward.

Physical Appearance

Demonic appearance.

Madge appears as an ordinary citizen, but when light is shone onto her face, it reveals it to be bloody and inhuman.


The deity takes the form of an ordinary citizen, acting exactly like one (even playing bridge on Tuesdays and Fridays), except during the days leading up to Christmas, where she takes human sacrifices as tributes through a ritual. When she takes the sacrifices, in return she brings mild weather. This is an obvious sign of supernatural because this took place in Michigan in December.

Powers and Abilities

  • Weather manipulation - She had very limited influence over the weather, being able to bring mild weather.
  • Immortality - As a pagan deity, she was immortal.
  • Super strength - Able to easily over-power and lift a fully grown man.
  • Super stamina - As a deity, she never tires.
  • Super agility - She and Edward were able to climb up onto the roof of a house, squeeze down a chimney, grab someone, and pull themselves and their victim back up the chimney.


  • Evergreen Stake - She could be killed by being stabbed with a stake made from the branch of an evergreen tree.



Much like other pagan deities, she and Edward once had many willing worshipers who gave them sacrifices, taking over a hundred tributes a year, but with the coming of Jesus, they lost almost all of their followers, and without sacrifices they were weakened. They have lived for over 2 millennia.

Season 3


Madge makes wreaths out of Meadowsweet, and the people who buy the wreaths are taken for sacrifices. When she and Edward Carrigan find Sam and Dean snooping around in their blood-splattered basement, they take the brothers prisoner and start their ritual preparation for sacrifice. This involves cutting them both to obtain blood. Edward pulls out one of Sam's fingernails and is about to pull one of Dean's teeth when they are distracted by the doorbell, and the brothers are able to escape their bonds. Dean stabs Edward with a branch from a Christmas tree while Sam stabs Madge with another branch, killing them.[1]



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