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Lydia Crawford's nest is a small nest of vampires that was experimented on by the Apocalypse World version of Michael.


At some unknown point Lydia Crawford was turned into a vampire and joined this pack they chose to feed off of animal blood and live quiet lives instead of killing humans which would gain the unwanted attention of hunters.

During the Apocalypse World version of Michael's experimentation with monsters and angelic grace he ends killing almost all of Lydia's nest mates when Lydia escapes the last remaining nest mates attempts to stall Michael but Michael easily kills them but lets Lydia escape, unknowing that she was starting Michael's plan.

Lydia ends up revealing the church where her dead nest mates were at. Later on Michael tracks down Lydia and explains how he left Lydia's nest mates' corpses and let her escape intentionally in order to start his plan, Michael, seeing no more use of her smotes her with a thought, making the nest extinct.

Known Members[]