Lydia is a young woman who has a one-night stand with Dean Winchester.


Season 7Edit

Lydia is a part of an Amazon tribe that mates with and later kills men. When it was time, she hit the bar to find a rich good looking man to sire a daughter with. There, Lydia meets Dean at a local bar called The Cobalt Room and the two begin talking. She asks Dean if he was rich, and Dean tells her that he is an investment banker. The two head back to her place and spend the night together.


A heavily pregnant Lydia.

Within hours, Lydia becomes pregnant and gets a surprise call from Dean asking about a flask. Lydia tells Dean she's busy and hangs up on him. Several hours later, she gives birth to her and Dean's daughter Emma.

The next day, Dean comes by her house to retrieve the flask, and Lydia moves to get it. Lydia gives Dean the flask back and goes to tend to her daughter. Emma asks Lydia who the man is, but Lydia gets her child to be silent so she doesn't give Dean any ideas. A few hours later, women from her tribe come by to collect Emma and Lydia gives Emma her necklace and says goodbye.



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