This unnamed young boy was the son of Luther Shrike.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 19th century, he lived with his father Luther. Luther loved his son who developed a terminal illness and was going to die. Desperate to save his boy, Luther summoned the Crossroad Demon Barthamus and made a deal where he sold his soul to Barthamus in exchange for the demon healing his son of his terminal illness. Barthamus took the deal and cured Luther's son.

A few years after being saved, Luther's son died of drowning. Luther was heartbroken, but Barthamus refused to save the boy, claiming that he'd fulfilled his end of the deal. Stating that "accidents happen," Barthamus claimed couldn't be held responsible for the boy's death. Filled with rage over his son's death, Luther stole Barthamus' human bones and forced the demon to resurrect him and grant him immortality on his property after Luther's deal was up. For the next two hundred years, Luther continued to blame Barthamus for his son's death and held onto Barthamus' bones as leverage.

Shortly before being killed, Luther told the Winchesters about his son and what Barthamus did. Deeply sympathetic with Luther and his son, the Winchesters questioned Barthamus who acknowledged the boy's death, telling them that Luther didn't "read the fine print" and he was a businessman. Disgusted, the Winchesters refused to turn over Barthamus' bones to him. Barthamus was killed moments later when Alice burned his bones, avenging both Luther and his son's deaths.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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