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|family = [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]] <small>(mate)</small>
|family = [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]] <small>(mate)</small>
|affiliation = [[Luther's nest]] <br> [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]]}}
|affiliation = [[Luther's nest]] <br> [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]]}}
'''Luther''' was the leader of [[Luther's nest|a small nest]] of [[vampires]] and the female vampire [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]] as his mate. He was later shot and killed with [[the Colt]] by [[John Winchester]].
'''Luther''' was the leader of [[Luther's nest|a small nest]] of [[vampires]] and the female vampire [[Kate (vampire)|Kate]] was his mate. He was later shot and killed with [[the Colt]] by [[John Winchester]].

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Luther was the leader of a small nest of vampires and the female vampire Kate was his mate. He was later shot and killed with the Colt by John Winchester.


Early Life

Apparently born in the 1800s, as the Colt was made around the time when Luther was born. He has history with hunter Daniel Elkins who presumably killed his family.

SPN 0445

Luther arrives at the nest of vampires.

Season 1

Luther returned to the nest after the others made an acquisition of a traveling couple. Once he eyed them over and found the woman to be "interesting", he gave the order that she was to live and the man was to be locked up with other gathered prey. After a second thought, he decided the group could "treat themselves" to the man and laughed as his nest-mates devoured the man as the woman watched on helplessly, then started making out with Kate.

SPN 0563

Luther cutting Katie's wrist.

Later, as the rest of the nest were sleeping, he and Kate graduated from making out in front of the female hostage to stripping in front of the female hostage. When stripping began to include groping, he noticed the woman's terrified, fleeting glances and then watched as he had Kate feed the woman her blood, turning her into a vampire. In the day as the vampires slept, the Winchesters snuck into the nest to both free the hostages and to retrieve the Colt with as little collateral damage as possible. When the newly turned vampire (mistaken as still being human) alerted the nest to their intruders, Luther awoke and managed to prevent John from getting the Colt. The hunters fled, with the vampires reluctant to pursue due to it still being daylight.

SPN 1064

Luther is shot by John Winchester with the Colt.

That night, he sent Kate and another vampire after the Winchesters, only for Kate to be captured and the other vampire killed. When John lured him away from the nest by using Kate as bait (so Dean and Sam could go in for the hostages again), Luther agreed to exchange the Colt for his mate. When Kate broke free of her bonds prematurely, she and Luther got the upper hand on John by knocking him unconscious. As they were about to kill him, Dean and Sam arrived and a small scuffle ensued, resulting in a stalemate of Luther threatening to snap Sam's neck if Dean didn't disarm himself of his machete. As he begins to talk about what monster hunters were, a re-awakened John surprised the vampire and shot him the head with the Colt, killing him.

Season 12

In The Raid, Luther and his nest appear in a flashback when the British Men of Letters explain their plan to wipe out the vampires to Sam.


Luther was the leader of his group of vampires. Because head vampires are usually the eldest of the group, this may also apply to him, and he may or may not have turned all the members of his group into vampires as well, similar to way that Dixon and Boris built their nests. Like many nest leaders, Luther believed in enjoying eternal life, but also in keeping a low profile to avoid attracting hunters, as evidenced by the fact that he hadn't taken his own revenge against Daniel Elkins for what was done to his family and the way he became upset with Kate for doing so.

Powers and Abilities

Luther possessed all the powers and attributes of a vampire, however as he was older than most, he was stronger than most vampires.

  • Superhuman Strength - Luther knocked John Winchester through the air with a flick of his wrist.
  • Superhuman Senses - His senses were stronger than the younger vampires, was able to track Kate's scent, while the others couldn't.
  • Superhuman Speed - He could move faster than the human eye could follow.
  • Invulnerability - Luther was resistant to physical pain and could not be killed by conventional means such as stab wounds or bullets. He was also impervious to human diseases. He could be poisoned by dead man's blood or vamptonite, and he could only be killed by the Colt, decapitation, or an angel's touch.
  • Immortality - Luther was over 100 years old and retained the appearance and fitness of a healthy young man.


Killed By

As Luther threatened the life of John's sons, John shot Luther through the head with the Colt, killing him.



  • He is the first Supernatural being to be killed by The Colt in the entire series (but not chronologically).
  • Luther is John Winchester's only kill with the Colt and his last hunting kill.
  • Luther's knowledge of the Colt indicates that he is more intimate with hunters and hunting in general than many other creatures on the show.
  • Luther's exact age is never given, however, Kate states that the Colt was made "around the time [he was] born." Since the Colt was made in 1835, Luther was approximately 170 years old at his time of death.
  • He has the Japanese Katakana ネヨラヨテ (Neyorayote) tattooed on his right arm. However, it hasn't been proven what it means, it could say "Neyo ra yote" which translates to "Neyo and her followers' plan."
  • Luther is the first of three vampires killed by the Winchesters with the Colt. The other two are Gordon's Victim and the Alpha Vampire, killed by Dean and Sam Winchester respectively.
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