Luther's nest was a small nest of vampires led by Luther.


At some point this nest was formed by Luther and his mate Kate. They eventually took up residence in a barn in Manning, Colorado.

Having learned that hunter Daniel Elkins lived in the area, Kate led Hank and Beau on a mission to kill him despite the fact that it could draw other hunters to them. The vampires robbed Elkins, stealing the Colt amongst other things. They later ambushed a young couple on the road and killed the young man, but turned the young woman, Jenny.

Elkins' murder drew the attention of hunters John, Sam and Dean Winchester. Upon learning that Elkins had had the Colt, John became determined to track the vampires down and get the Colt back as he saw it as their one chance to kill Azazel. Tracking the vampires to their barn, the hunters snuck in during the day, but when they tried to rescue Jenny, the newly-turned young woman alerted the vampires, forcing the hunters to run. In response, that night, the hunters ambushed Kate and Hank, incapacitating Kate with dead man's blood and killing Hank. Knowing that the vampires would come after them due to Kate being Luther's mate, John sent his sons to rescue the nest's victims while he got the Colt and left to face Azazel alone.

Spotting John and Kate going by on the highway in John's truck, Luther, Jenny and the two other members of the nest chased after it while Beau remained behind to guard the barn. While the others were away, Beau was killed by Dean and the nest's victims were rescued by the Winchesters.

After the vampires stopped John with a blockade, John attempted to trade Kate for the Colt. However, Kate recovered and broke free, allowing Kate and Luther to knock John out. Before the vampires could kill John, Sam and Dean disobeyed orders and came to their father's rescue, taking out two of the vampires with dead man's blood soaked crossbow arrows. After Luther threatened Sam's life, John killed him with the Colt, forcing Kate and Jenny to flee in one of the nest's cars.

Following the fight with Luther's nest, John was convinced that the Winchesters were stronger as a family and agreed to take his sons with him to go after Azazel.

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