Luke Wallace was the husband of Mrs. Wallace.


Season 4Edit

Luke Wallace was feeding his son when Mrs. Wallace came home with a bucket of candy for trick-or-treaters a couple days before Halloween. She told him the store was madness and that everybody was stopping up when he asked her how it was, and Luke laughed as he saw the size of the bucket, and asked her if she'd gotten enough, to which his wife responded she had had to arm wrestle the 74-year-old Norman Bleaker for it. Luke reached to get a piece of candy, but Mrs. Wallace slapped his hand away, and told him that they had run out at 6:30 last year. He said that it was just one piece, but Mrs. Wallace still refused to let him have any, and promised that he can eat it after Halloween.

When Mrs. Wallace left to give their son a bath, Luke told her that he would be up in a minute. However, he opened the cabinet to grab a piece of candy and ate it. When he reached for another piece, he stopped, reaching into his mouth to pull out a razor blade, and winced in pain. Soon, he started to gag, coughing up blood and collapsed onto the floor. When Mrs. Wallace came down to see what was taking him so long, she discovered him laying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth.

When Sam and Dean Winchester interviewed Mrs. Wallace, she told them that he had swallowed four razor blades, and asked them how that was possible. She also told the brothers that Luke hadn't had any enemies and that there had been no affairs, but that that didn't make much sense as nobody would have known the candy would be eaten by him.


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