Professor Ludensky was a teacher at the college Michael, Brian and Kate went to, and was also secretly a pureblood werewolf.

Early lifeEdit

Cursed to be a werewolf, as a pureblood, he was able to control his monstrous nature, and lived off animal hearts, however he had a failing in 2003, where he killed a person and ate their heart.

Season 8Edit


Ludensky managed to control his beastly nature, and kept himself hidden, well aware that hunters would come looking. He managed to keep himself under control, until 2013, where he again lost control and killed another person, attracting Sam and Dean to him. Several nights later, while out in the woods hunting, he ran into Michael Wheeler and attacked him, but managed to regain control at the last minute and left him, realizing he had already passed the curse onto him and could blame him as a scapegoat. In another attack, where he killed another person for their heart, he accidentally dropped his ring which allowed Michael's roommate Brian to track him down.

SPN 0767

Ludensky is shot by Dean.

Confronting him, Brian told him he knew what he was. Threatening him with a silver knife, he made Ludensky bite him, thus making him also a werewolf. Brian then tipped off Sam and Dean to him, who confronted him. A fight broke out and although Ludensky managed to get the upper hand, Dean shot him with a silver bullet, his last words thanking the hunters for freeing him of the curse.



  • This is the first pureblood werewolf killed by Dean Winchester.
  • Considering Pureblood status supposedly only goes to the 4th generation, Ludensky was most likely turned by the Alpha-Werewolf personally as the three werewolves tied to his bloodline (Brian, Kate, and Tasha) were all purebloods capable of switching back and forth.
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