Lucky's pack was a skinwalker pack that embarked upon a plan to get close to various families and turn the members.


When monsters began building up their numbers due to Eve's influence in response to Crowley's search for Purgatory, the Pack Leader began recruiting members into the pack for the plan. The pack eventually grew to around thirty members, including Lucky, a homeless man who allowed himself to be turned into a skinwalker because he saw it as better than his old life. As part of the plan, most of the pack installed themselves in the homes of various families in their dog forms so that when the word came down, they would turn the families and increase the pack numbers. This would happen all in one night so that the pack would grow from thirty to one hundred and fifty quickly.

While installed in the home of Mandy and her young son Aidan, Lucky came to care for the family and became protective towards them. As a result, Lucky began murdering anyone he saw as a threat to the family which drew the attention of Crowley who sent hunters Sam and Dean Winchester in hopes of capturing an Alpha. The Winchesters eventually realized that they were dealing with skinwalkers instead of werewolves as they had previously believed and captured Lucky. Using Lucky's care for Mandy and her family, they were able to get Lucky to explain the pack's plan to them and Lucky agreed to help take them down.

Lucky led the Winchesters to the pack's headquarters, a warehouse, where Dean prepared to kill the Pack Leader with a long-distance shot from a rifle. However, the leader and several pack enforcers arrived with Mandy and Aidan hostage. Through his second in command, the leader ordered Lucky to turn the family right there and then or all of them would die. Before Lucky could be forced to do anything, the Winchesters attacked, Sam killing the Pack Leader immediately with a shot through the face. The Winchesters set about eliminating the pack members with silver bullets while Lucky protected Mandy and Aidan from the second in command, revealing his true nature in the process. Though Lucky was wounded, Dean killed the second in command before he could kill Lucky who then escaped.

After the death of the pack leader, his second in command and enforcers, the pack presumably disbanded and did not complete the plan without their leader to give them the signal.

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