The Lucifer intel file is a file created by the British Men of Letters on Lucifer's escape from Crowley's custody.


During the Assault on the British Men of Letters compound, a cornered Doctor Hess tells Sam that the American hunters severing all ties with the British Men of Letters at that particular moment is "a grievous mistake." To demonstrate what she means, Doctor Hess takes a copy of the file from her inbox and gives it to Sam, revealing surveillance photos of Lucifer leaving Crowley's lair. Doctor Hess explains that Lucifer has escaped thanks to Crowley who is dead and uses the threat Lucifer poses, especially if he gets his hands on his son as reason for the hunters not to sever ties with the British Men of Letters. Despite the proof provided by Doctor Hess, Sam refuses and destroys the computer linking Doctor Hess to England before Doctor Hess is killed by Jody Mills.

Sam takes the file with him when the American hunters squad destroy the British Men of Letters compound. He later shows it to Dean and Mary at the Men of Letters bunker. When Mary asks if Sam's sure it's Lucifer, Sam tells her that he recognizes Lucifer's old vessel in the pictures and correctly surmises that Crowley had something to do with the vessel's restoration.

Months later, while searching for Lucifer, Sam shows a homeless man a close-up version of the picture from the file to see if he recognizes Lucifer which he confirms.



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