Lucifer was an Archangel that existed in the apocalyptic world of the alternate universe until his death at the hands of Michael.

He was an alternate universe version of Lucifer.


During the Apocalypse, Lucifer was described as having been "torn apart" in the skies over Abilene by Michael. His death led to Michael becoming the victor of their world.

When Michael discovered another Lucifer who had crossed over from another reality, he informed Lucifer of his counterpart's fate and intended to treat this Lucifer the same way. He easily overpowered him in combat.

While talking with Mary Winchester, Bobby Singer stated that when Lucifer and his demons rose from Hell, the human race believed that the angels were there to save them. However, the angels ended up turning on the human race one by one.



  • This Lucifer shares the opposite fate of the Lucifer from the 2014 apocalyptic reality, in which Lucifer in that reality is the victor.
  • This is the first known version of Lucifer to have died, with the second one being the Lucifer from the main universe.
  • Since Sam Winchester never existed in his world, it's unknown who this Lucifer's true vessel was.
  • He shares the same history as the Main Universe Lucifer up until 1973 when Mary Campbell refused to make a deal with Azazel, the point of divergence in the two universes.

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