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|name = Lucifer
|image =
|season = [[Season 13|13]]
|category = [[Archangels|Archangel]]
|occupation =
|affiliation = [[Hell]]
|status = Deceased {{c|killed by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]]}}
|family = [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] {{c|older brother}}
|actor = }}
'''Lucifer''' was an [[Archangel]] that existed in the apocalyptic world of the [[Apocalypse World|alternate universe]] until his death at the hands of [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]].
He was an alternate universe version of [[Lucifer]].
Lucifer was described as having been "torn apart" in the skies over Abilene by Michael. His death led to Michael becoming the victor of their world.
When Michael discovered another [[Lucifer]] who had crossed over from another reality, he informed Lucifer of his counterpart's fate and intended to treat this Lucifer the same way. He easily overpowered him in combat.
*[[Season 13]]
**''[[The Rising Son]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
*This Lucifer shares the opposite fate of the [[Lucifer (The End)|Lucifer]] from the 2014 apocalyptic reality, in which Lucifer in that reality is the victor.
*This is the only known version of Lucifer to have died.
*Since [[Sam Winchester]] never existed in his world, it's unknown who this Lucifer's true vessel was.
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