I always thought you'd have a... bigger stick.
Rise, rise, rise!
Lucifer trying to move the stick
in Various & Sundry Villains
Aw. Did you lose your little stick?
Told you size didn't matter! Whoops.

Lucifer's Stick was a small triangular-shaped stick used by Lucifer while trapped in Crowley's old lair in an effort to channel his weakened powers.


While imprisoned in Crowley's old lair, Lucifer uses the stick in his ongoing efforts to use his weakened powers, trying repeatedly to make the stick move with his mind to no avail. Lucifer is found by the demon Dipper who mocks Lucifer for his "little stick," annoying Lucifer. After Dipper leaves, Lucifer continues trying to move the stick with no avail. However, after Lucifer loses his temper, he accidentally flings the stick across his cell with telekinesis, discovering that anger fuels his powers.

Lucifer's stabs Dipper with his Stick

Lucifer stabs Dipper with his stick.

Later, Dipper returns to find Castiel insulting Lucifer and Lucifer's stick gone. Dipper mocks Lucifer losing his "little stick" to which Lucifer admits that he did before suddenly pulling Dipper against the bars with telekinesis and burning through the warding. Lucifer tells Dipper that "turns out rage is a good motivator" and that Dipper has forgotten that "I'm Lucifer" before suddenly stabbing the stick into the side of Dipper's neck and then breaking it off there. As a terrified Dipper clutches his wound from the stick, Castiel smites him.


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