Witnesses say he was sweating and pale and psycho. He said his name was freaking Lucifer.
— A cop describes the boy's last moments.
in Keep Calm and Carry On

This unnamed teenaged boy briefly acted as Lucifer's vessel.


After being expelled from Castiel by the Darkness, Lucifer began searching for a suitable new vessel. Lucifer eventually made his way to this boy's family and attempted to find a suitable vessel amongst them. Due to his weakened state, Lucifer quickly burned through the boy's parents and sister, but managed to possess the boy without quickly burning him out.

After possessing the boy, Lucifer quickly left his house rather than meeting with Jervis and the Bearded Demon there. Lucifer called the two demons from the boy's cell phone before they were interrupted by Crowley. After killing the two demons, Crowley found a picture of the family and realized that the boy was missing from amongst the bodies in the house and was thus Lucifer's new vessel.

Despite holding Lucifer for longer than the rest of his family, the boy's body ultimately burned out before Crowley could find Lucifer. When Crowley found the boy's body, the police mentioned that witnesses claimed that the boy, in reality Lucifer, was pale and sweaty and went psycho claiming that he was Lucifer before he died.


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