This is all of Lucifer's minor relationships throughout the series.

Lucifer and Amara

Amara, also known as the Darkness, is Lucifer's aunt. The two seem well acquaintanced and may have had some interaction prior to God's war against Amara, which Lucifer partook alongside his archangel siblings. God won the war and locked Amara away in a prison with a Mark acting as both a lock and key.

God entrusted the Mark to Lucifer, his most cherished son, hoping he could withstand its corrupting effects. However, Lucifer succumbed to jealously, leading to his rebellion against God and Heaven. In response, God imprisoned Lucifer just as he imprisoned his sister, inside a Cage bound by many seals. The Mark had, by then, been passed on to Cain.

Amara eventually escaped her own prison through the destruction of the Mark from its final host, Dean Winchester, which led to a massive shockwave throughout all realms, including Hell, where Lucifer's Cage was, and by which it was subsequently damaged.

This enabled Lucifer to reach out and send visions to Sam Winchester, luring him back to Hell with a promise to help defeat Amara. It was Castiel who became convinced of this tale, and Lucifer managed to escape the Cage by using him as a vessel. Lucifer later confessed that defeating Amara required a team effort and he alone was not enough, so he sought out alternative means such as using Dean as bait or acquiring a Hand of God.

When Lucifer took possession of the Horn of Joshua, he was confronted by Amara and the two were reunited, with Amara noting how Lucifer had changed. Lucifer responded by attempting to weaken her using the Horn's power, but failed since the Horn wasn't powerful enough. Amara proceeded to kidnap him and take him to her lair. Once there, Lucifer tried to negotiate for an alliance, but Amara chose to use Lucifer as bait by torturing him over a span of weeks, hoping God would come to rescue him.

Broken and battered, Lucifer taunted Amara during his imprisonment. He went as far as to defend God when Amara spoke poorly of him. Once Lucifer was retrieved by Sam, he was reunited with God and he chose to join God's side to fight Amara. After the combined assault by witches, angels and demons, Lucifer personally stabbed Amara with his spear, intent on doing so twice had God not ordered him to stop.

God intended to re-imprison Amara, but Amara lashed out in a fit of rage and attacked God. Lucifer tried to rescue him, but was flung aside by his aunt, who then yanked him out of his vessel while muttering the words "Goodbye, nephew."

They do not see each other again as Amara would leave Earth with God after reconciling.

Lucifer and Angels

Lucifer has little regard for his younger siblings, though he showed favoritism towards Castiel for the latter's loyalty to his friends and how they shared their rebellious nature towards Heaven. After Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, God taught the angels to believe that Lucifer was "evil incarnate", and he became Heaven's most hated. Many angels hoped to keep Lucifer in prison and protect humanity from his wrath, unaware that Michael would trick them into allowing The Apocalypse to happen.

In his first escape from the Cage, Lucifer is not shown interacting with any other angel besides Castiel, Gabriel and Michael. In his second escape, Lucifer is approached by Nithael, who intends to kill him, despite Lucifer's insistence that he wants to help defeat their aunt Amara. Lucifer is forced to smite Nithael in self-defense. After taking over Hell, Lucifer proceeds to take over Heaven. He kills Jofiel upon arrival and tries to coerce the angels into obeying him, by pointing out that he's their only hope against Amara. He even instructs the angels to call him "God".

Lucifer with one of his angelic siblings.

Although they agree to serve him, Lucifer is kidnapped by Amara soon after. Lucifer does not return to Heaven until weeks later, when God himself arranges for his son to ask the angels to join them in his counterattack against Amara. The angels are immediately hostile towards Lucifer when he arrives, so Lucifer uses Castiel to speak in his stead.

Once God leaves the Earth, Lucifer goes on a rampage in search of power and pleasure, and ends up conceiving a child. The angels in Heaven sense this and go on high alert. They begin sending out assassins to kill the baby's mother. Their plans are foiled when Prince of Hell Dagon takes Kelly under her care, much to Lucifer's delight.

Lucifer does not meet any regular angels until he reunites with Castiel at the Heavenly Portal. He scares three of them off to rescue Castiel from their clutches. After meeting Anael, Lucifer agrees to become the Ruler of Heaven a second time and convinces the remaining angels in Heaven to accept him by claiming he can not only recreate angels himself like God did but can also restore their wings.

However, he later tells Anael this was a lie for him to obtain power and a way for him to locate Jack. After regaining some of his old powers, Lucifer decided to abandon Heaven and had no qualms at leaving the few remaining angels to their fate.

In general Lucifer respects his younger siblings to a degree, yet sees them as misguided followers and does not hesitate to kill them if they show the slightest hostility towards him.

Lucifer and Asmodeus

As one of the Princes of Hell, Asmodeus was one of the first demons created by Lucifer. Despite Lucifer fearing the Shedim "and rightly so," Asmodeus attempted to release them. He was stopped by Lucifer himself who left two permanent scars on Asmodeus' face. Asmodeus claimed that the incident forged an eternal bond between the two.

Following Lucifer's disappearance, Asmodeus took over Hell, claiming that he was holding the throne for Lucifer's return or until he found Jack to take his place.

When Lucifer returns from the Apocalypse World, Asmodeus arrived at the bar where Lucifer was talking with Castiel. Lucifer was visibly unhappy to have him there as Asmodeus was pleased to see him back but Lucifer casually greeted Asmodeus with insults, including calling him "the runt of the litter" and a stooge before he attempted to intimidate him. However, Asmodeus was aware of Lucifer's weakened powers and enjoying his new status too much, no longer feared Lucifer. Asmodeus took great pleasure in taking him as his prisoner rather than restoring Lucifer to his rightful throne as he'd claimed he was going to do.

Lucifer and Castiel were watched over by one of Asmodeus' henchman, Dipper, who reveals Lucifer's cell was specifically designed to keep Lucifer locked away. Asmodeus has also made plans to use Lucifer in the oncoming conflict with Michael after Lucifer warned him. Lucifer admits some of Asmodeus' powers were not granted to him by Lucifer himself and is upset that his weakest creation was able to best him. Lucifer and Castiel eventually escape imprisonment and another one of Asmodeus' henchmen, Arthur Ketch, tries to apprehend Lucifer.

After he fails, Arthur learns from Asmodeus that Asmodeus plans to use the supposedly-deceased Gabriel to kill Lucifer using an archangel blade.

In Exodus Lucifer was talking to Jack and he was aware that Gabriel has killed Asmodeus while mocking his brother for being held captive by him.

Lucifer and Azazel

Sometime after his expulsion from Heaven, Lucifer created four demons from four unidentified human souls, who became known as the Princes of Hell. Lucifer intended for these demons to lead an army in opposition against Heaven, but after Lucifer's defeat and imprisoned in The Cage, only one chose to remain and seek to free his creator: Azazel.

Azazel took charge over Hell for many eons while he tirelessly searched for a way to free Lucifer from his prison. He discovered in 1972 the doorway to Lucifer's Cage at St. Mary's Convent and successfully communicated with Lucifer while there. Lucifer praised Azazel for his efforts before instructing him to free Lilith from the depths of Hell, and find a Special Child for him. This child was to be Lucifer's vessel, who was also pre-destined to be Sam Winchester.

It is unclear if Azazel was told who the child was or what the child's actual purpose was, for during the years following, Azazel selected a number of children based on their parents under the pretense that they would only lead his demonic army. Nevertheless, Azazel came to favor Sam, and forced Sam along with every other selected child to fight to the death, to see who would come out on top. This implies that Azazel truly did not know who the destined child was.

Sam was killed by Jake Talley, forcing Azazel to use Jake in his plan to free Lilith from Hell. Azazel's unexpected death at Dean's hands shortly after ended his involvement in the plan, but Sam was resurrected and through Ruby's manipulation, he would fulfill his destiny and free Lucifer from the Cage by killing Lilith.

Azazel's sacrifice enabled Lucifer to meet and briefly possess Sam, but it was also Sam who defeated Lucifer and re-imprisoned him. Lucifer himself never showed any personal interest in Azazel and according to Crowley, Lucifer saw all demons as expendable. This is made clear when Lucifer offered Sam a chance to murder Azazel's spies sent to watch over Sam since childhood.

Regardless of Lucifer's own feelings, Azazel was deeply loyal to Lucifer, to the point that his own brothers called him a fanatic.

Lucifer and Dagon

Like Ramiel, Dagon cared little for Lucifer or The Apocalypse and considered Azazel to be a fanatic for still serving the archangel. However, Dagon did at one point serve Lucifer only to fail him.

Dagon was recruited to watch over Kelly Kline and Kelly's unborn child by Lucifer to ensure the baby's survival. Like with Rowena, Lucifer promised Dagon a place beside him as co-ruler, this time as his son's mother. The thought of ruling alongside Lucifer drove Dagon to protect Kelly at all costs. Dagon also came to view the baby himself as a great ruler who could do horrible things with his vast power.

Lucifer kept in touch with Dagon telepathically while he was imprisoned at Crowley's lair. When Dagon lost sight of the baby due to the intervention of angels, Lucifer became immensely frustrated and referred his earlier promise to Dagon as "a fantasy of hers", adding a new promise of infinite torture if she did not find the baby or Kelly.

Terrified, Dagon went after the two using information she tortured out of Kelvin. However, Lucifer's son, who Kelly insisted is good after feeling his soul, took partial possession of Castiel and granted him the power he needed to incinerate Dagon as Lucifer's son had chosen Castiel as his protector and guide.

Lucifer learned of this fact from Crowley, and was visibly displeased with Dagon's death, since he preferred her as his son's protector over Castiel.

Lucifer and Demons

Lucifer is the father and creator of the demon race, and is regarded highly by all but a few. In retaliation for God's banishment of him from Heaven and God's love for mankind, Lucifer corrupted Lilith, one of the first humans, and turned her into the very first demon. He also condemned Cain's soul to Hell, leading him to become one of the most powerful demons in existence, and the founder of the Knights of Hell. He also created four more demons to act as Generals of Hell, and they became known as the Princes.

Since these were acts merely meant to upset God, Lucifer held no affections for his creations. He used them whenever he needed their assistance, such as help in breaking the 66 Seals and causing havoc on Earth during the Apocalypse.

Lucifer about to sacrifice some demons.

An example of his disregard for the demons was the heartless murder of a handful of demons, sacrificed in the ritual to free Death from his coffin. Lucifer was somewhat perplexed by Sam's horror towards his actions, and simply muttered that they were "just demons".

Despite this, many demons continue to obey and try to serve him, even at the cost of their own lives. Many abandoned their new King Crowley when Lucifer escaped his Cage a second time, and Simmons willingly shielded Lucifer from a blast from a Hand of God at the cost of her own life. One demon in particular was willing to let Lucifer devour him if he wanted, saying his life was for Lucifer's own use. Lucifer was left uncomfortable and disgusted with this comment and showed no compunctions towards obliterating both demons despite them setting him free.

Another demon, Drexel, assists Lucifer in escaping his prison out of loyalty and fear. Lucifer finds this particular demon annoying and a constant test to his patience. After Asmodeus usurps the throne of Hell, no demon seems eager to ally themselves with Lucifer, especially Dipper. Lucifer is forced to rely on angels for assistance instead.

Lucifer is the only non-demon to date to rule over Hell, as he was their creator. Prior to his release from his Cage during the Apocalypse, many demons claimed to have never even seen him, much like how many angels never met nor saw God.

Lucifer and Gabriel

Lucifer was Gabriel's older brother and was said to have taught him various tricks, such as the ability to cast lifelike illusions. The two likely had a happy time in Heaven alongside their brethren, however, Lucifer's decision to rebel against God caused a fight that drove Gabriel away.

For eons, Gabriel resided on Earth under the guise of a pagan deity, doing what Dean later referred to as "running from his family". Gabriel would deny these claims, and hide his true face until The Apocalypse came, during which he supported the final battle in hopes that it would end quickly.

Lucifer and Gabriel in Hammer of the Gods.

Displeased with Gabriel's behavior and avoidance of direct confrontation, Dean berated Gabriel into confronting Lucifer when the latter arrived at Elysian Fields Hotel. Gabriel relented in the end, and provided Sam and Dean with the knowledge on how to re-seal his brother. At long last, Lucifer met Gabriel, and expressed distaste in Gabriel's protectiveness over Kali, the sole pagan deity to survive his massacre at the hotel.

Gabriel admitted to loving his brother, but he could not stand what had become of him, urging him to grow up for once. Lucifer was dismissive of his words, but showed signs of not wanting to fight Gabriel at all. Like Michael, Gabriel ignored him and attempted to attack him from behind, but as Lucifer was his mentor, Lucifer easily saw through his illusions and promptly stabbed "Gabriel" with his own archangel blade.

Lucifer supposedly killed his brother and gazed upon his "corpse" afterwards. It was during this period that Lucifer expressed for the first time genuine remorse. Ultimately, it was Gabriel's instructions that would result in Lucifer's re-imprisonment, though whether he knew Gabriel had passed on this knowledge is unknown.

As shown in Devil's Bargain, Gabriel was still alive and has been Asmodeus' prisoner for some time, unknown to Lucifer who presumed him dead.

Asmodeus intended to use Gabriel in a plot to kill Lucifer once and for all but the latter was taken to the Winchesters by Arthur Ketch in The Thing.

During Bring 'em Back Alive, it is revealed in their last meeting that Gabriel deceived Lucifer into stabbing an illusion. The real Gabriel would then go on to hide from his brother in the eight years after before he was captured.

In Beat the Devil, Gabriel finds Lucifer and disguises himself as he spikes his drink before he reveals himself. Lucifer is surprised to see Gabriel and tries to punch him to no effect as he mentions his killing him but Gabriel only taunts him with his survival as he and Rowena capture Lucifer. When Gabriel held a blade to his neck, Lucifer actually wanted them to kill him but they knock him out and bring him to the bunker to keep the rift open.

Lucifer was not pleased to see his brother siding with his enemies while the latter sarcastically apologized for having to drain his power.

In Apocalypse World, Gabriel mentioned to Castiel that humiliating Lucifer was one of the things he had on his list. Gabriel was surprised to see Lucifer come to the camp with Sam.

Lucifer and Gabriel in a family reunion with Jack

During Exodus, Gabriel was still shocked to see his brother and was unsure of carrying out Dean's order to kill him while Lucifer pointed Gabriel was too weak. When Jack spoke with Lucifer and pointed him out to Gabriel, Lucifer mocked his brother for being held captive by Asmodeus. In response, Gabriel told Jack not to trust Lucifer as he plays the victim. That night, the brothers once more argued and Gabriel showed no fear in insulting Lucifer by comparing God imprisoning Lucifer to getting rid of a disease and stated he'd never changed no matter what. Gabriel's words left Lucifer stunned and he was reduced to crying a little.

Lucifer later watched Gabriel die at the hands of Alternate Michael but his exact reaction was unknown. In Let the Good Times Roll, Lucifer told Jack and Sam that family lets everyone down and remarks his own brothers attempted to kill him.

Lucifer and Jack

Lucifer and his son Jack

Following the second war with Amara, Lucifer felt bitter and abandoned and decided to go on a wild rampage as a means of enjoying himself. His search for powerful individuals to use as vessels eventually landed him with the President of the United States, Jefferson Rooney.

Jefferson's aide, Kelly Kline, was a secret lover and either out of curiosity or to simply keep up with appearances, Lucifer agreed to take her to his bed. It was her suggestion that "Jeff" would make a great father that inspired Lucifer to conceive a child for the first time. The child's conception bought great joy to Lucifer as he was glad to have finally created something as opposed to destroying it.

He said he was thrilled. He said it was the only time he ever created anything.
Kelly Kline, on Lucifer's response to the pregnancy

Lucifer's happiness was short-lived however, when Sam and Dean convinced Kelly to lure Lucifer into a trap. Kelly informed Lucifer that she was planning to abort the child, which angered Lucifer to the point of choking her. Combined with Rowena's help, Sam and Dean ceased that moment to banish Lucifer from his vessel and down into an air vent, presumably towards the Cage.

Due to Crowley's intervention, Lucifer ended up back in Nick's newly-improved vessel. From his new prison, Lucifer was able to sense where his unborn child was and referred to the baby as a "chip off the old block". He was pleased when Dagon decided to protect the baby, and Lucifer spoke with Dagon telepathically to make sure she didn't allow any harm to come to his son.

Much to Lucifer's dismay, his son fell into the hands of Castiel following Dagon's unexpected demise. After he escaped imprisonment, Lucifer made it a task to find his son.[1] Unfortunately for Lucifer, Sam, Dean and Castiel successfully trapped him in an alternate universe while his son was being delivered. Even more devastating, the portal that led to this world was created by his son during delivery.

After being born, his son Jack declared that his real father was Castiel because Kelly had told him that. He was enraged when he learned that Castiel was dead by Lucifer's hands.[2] He did not find out until later on that Lucifer is his father. Sam and Dean help explain to him who Lucifer is.

In Lucifer's eyes, Jack was a new purpose for him. Lucifer displayed protectiveness to the degree that he lashed out at Dagon when the angels managed to take Kelly from under her nose. He also seeks to escape the alternate universe as soon as possible so he can prevent anything bad from happening to his son.

After escaping from the alternate universe, Lucifer meets with Castiel and learns Jack's name and Castiel's custody over him. His attempts to learn more about his son are interrupted by Asmodeus, who captures him and Castiel.

After the Winchesters admit that they thought Jack was looking for Lucifer, Jack tells them that he has no reason to as Lucifer is nothing to him. Instead, Jack sees the Winchesters and Castiel as his family.

During a conversation with Anael, Lucifer reveals his fear of being a bad father the same way God was to him.

In Beat the Devil, Lucifer searched for his child and began to drown in his sorrows. While captured, he learns from a taunting Rowena that Jack was sent to Apocalypse World. After he tried to kill her, Lucifer was sent there by the witch but he tracked down and resurrected Sam who was killed by vampires. Lucifer asks Sam for his help with having a relationship with his son and shows that he is using his powers to hold back a horde of starving vampires. Lucifer insists that the Winchesters and Jack cannot defeat Michael without his help and presses Sam to accept his help.

Later, Sam arrives in Mary and Jack's base in Dayton followed closely by Lucifer. As everyone else stares at Lucifer in horror, Lucifer looks at the surprised Jack and greets his son.

In Exodus, Jack is nowhere near as hostile to Lucifer as everybody else present. When the arguing became worse, Jack left to somewhere be alone out of distress. After remembering that his mother told him no one could blame him for picking an interest in his father, he decides to meet a cuffed Lucifer, explaining that he is only "gonna to listen", much to Lucifer's excitement.

At first, Lucifer isn't sure what to say, despite how he long waited for this moment, so Jack should go ahead. His first question is why everybody hates Lucifer, which Lucifer answers by saying although he did a few bad things, it's humans who are "so messed up" and blame him whenever they willingly fall to evil. He tells his son he wants to be better now.

Lucifer and Jack have several conversations, with Jack asking questions about his uncles and grandfather much to the Winchesters' dismay. When Dean tried to seperate the two, Jack protested and reminded them that Lucifer is his father, much to Lucifer's joy.

Jack hoped together with his father he'd be able to kill Michael before they leave the Apocalypse World, though Sam fails Lucifer talks him out of it, with Jack admitting he had a point and calling him father. When they left for the rift, Jack got out but Sam, feeling uncomfortable with how well father and son get along for one possible reason, traps Lucifer on the other side with Michael.

Jack seemed sad Lucifer was gone, while Lucifer teamed up with Michael on the terms he and Jack are together and live while Michael can have everything else.

After returning to Earth, Lucifer revealed himself to a surprised Jack and tried to get him to go with him and explore the universe and "make some improvements" if they saw the need for any. Lucifer was pleased as Jack enthusiastically agreed but Jack heard a prayer from Sam first, making him teleport to the bunker and attack Michael, who tried to remind Lucifer of their deal and Jack was shocked to hear this.

You're not my father... You're a monster.
— Jack, to Lucifer
in Let the Good Times Roll

Their relationship broke down when Sam exposed both Lucifer's deal with Michael and murder of Jack's friend. Jack was horrified when he compelled Lucifer to confess to the murder and heard that Lucifer enjoyed it, calling Lucifer a monster that wasn't his father.

Seeing the contempt in Jack's eyes made Lucifer flash his red eyes and scream in anger before breaking down in tears, telling Jack that, even though he only lied and told him what he wanted to hear, he did want to be with Jack and rule the universe as better gods with him at his side, but as he saw he wouldn't have that, he no longer needed Jack, only his power.

During their arguing, neither made the attempt to kill the other, though Jack hinted he would when Sam wanted to step in. Lucifer absorbed most of Jack's grace before he could do so and took him to a church. He healed Jack's injury and didn't immediately kill him, but stated he would.

When Jack pleaded with Lucifer to spare Sam, saying he was Lucifer's son, though Lucifer punched him and said he had that chance. It was shown he no longer cared about Jack as he stated he could make more children. He tried to pick Sam and Jack against each other, telling Sam that Jack was a killer and trying to prove Jack that the Winchesters didn't care about him. He threw an Archangel Blade on the floor and said whoever killed the other was free to try stopping him later (Sam, a human, was unable to harm Jack anyway, even with the blade).

When Jack tried to kill himself, Lucifer looked confused and perhaps even concerned but both were interrupted by Dean's arrival. When Lucifer died, Jack asked if he really was dead and didn't look as glad about it as the Winchesters.

Generally, Lucifer's and Jack's relationship failed because Lucifer's greedy, selfish and violent nature didn't fit with Jack's innate kindness, selflessness and positive influence of the Winchesters. Lucifer still hated humans, despite the fact that Jack was half-human which was what drove them apart as Jack condemned Lucifer for his casual murder of his friend and wanting to leave the Earth to Michael to save himself and Jack. Despite their differences, neither actually killed the other or found much pleasure in the other's suffering.

Lucifer and Kelly Kline

Lucifer met Kelly while posing as President Rooney. She was the President's aide as well as his secret lover. To keep up appearances and for the fun of it, Lucifer had sex for the very first time and with this woman.

It was Kelly who convinced Lucifer to become a father, though she gave this encouragement thinking she was talking to Jeff. Lucifer agreed with Kelly became delighted when Kelly fell pregnant. Lucifer viewed Kelly as a little more than a container and did not care for her personal well being. When she told Lucifer that she wanted an abortion, he snapped at her and tried to strangle her for daring to have such thoughts.

Lucifer was forcibly separated from Kelly by Sam and Dean, and was subsequently kept as a prisoner by Crowley. Despite warnings from others, Kelly opt to keep the baby out of affection and a sense of obligation. She did not like that the father was in fact Lucifer and not Jeff, but this little detail did not bother her much. Because of her pregnancy, Kelly spent the first few months keeping a low profile until Dagon named herself Kelly's protector, much to Lucifer's delight.

Lucifer kept an eye on the pair and was deeply angered when Kelly was taken away by Castiel. Kelly preferred Castiel as her child's protector and even told her unborn son that Castiel would always protect him. This led her son Jack to assume Castiel was his real father and not Lucifer. Kelly never saw Lucifer again from the day their child was conceived up until her death, though they were both at her cabin until Lucifer was banished into another universe.

Lucifer's relationship with Kelly makes him the second known archangel to participate in sexual intercourse, the first being Gabriel. Ironically, Lucifer once reprimanded Gabriel for having feelings for Kali, a pagan deity Lucifer had attempted to kill.

Lucifer and Mary Winchester

Mary and Lucifer

Lucifer meets a resurrected Mary Winchester in 2017. He was aware that she had been dead up until recently, though it is never said how. The two meet outside Kelly's cabin where Mary intends to not only protect her sons from Lucifer, but also attack Lucifer as she had always wanted.

While Lucifer may have been aware of Mary for a long time, Mary only discovered the Devil was real earlier through previous events before she saw him in person that day. She agreed to join her sons on the mission just to punch Lucifer, which she successfully does using Enochian brass knuckles. Lucifer is impressed by her strength, and Mary proceeds to beat on Lucifer until he tumbles into a portal that leads to an alternate dimension, but manages to pull her with him. The portal closes on them almost instantly, and Lucifer roars in anger at being trapped once more.

Mary: You can't possibly care about raising a child.
Lucifer: You have no idea what I care about.

Lucifer begins chasing after Mary but when he catches her, he chooses not to kill her because they need to work together to get out of this place. Mary doesn't agree with him but she is forced to work with Lucifer on pain of suffering. Lucifer considers Mary to be a "wimpy human" and blames her entirely for their arrival in this new world. Mary herself doesn't think Lucifer really cares about reuniting with his son and seeks to run away from him whenever she can.

She soon got her chance and escaped him before she was nearly attacked by a hunter though Lucifer saved her and criticized her actions. Mary later watched Lucifer get beaten by Michael (Apocalypse World) and was horrified before they were captured by him.

During Beat the Devil, Lucifer deduced that he was kidnapped was so the boys could rescue their mother. He meets her again and she is shocked to see him even more that he resurrected Sam.

In Exodus, as Castiel escorts a cuffed Lucifer, the latter approached Mary and asked if she missed him before she replies by punching him in the face. Despite this, Mary was alright with Lucifer approaching Jack since he was his father but knew Jack would see him for the monster he is.

Lucifer and Michael

Michael is Lucifer's older brother and the only angel more powerful than him. Michael once said he raised Lucifer in a way "nobody can understand". The two formed an exceptionally strong bond, and with their other siblings the two lived happily in Heaven.

However, their relationship turned sour when Lucifer sought to defy God's wishes to bow down to mankind. Michael chose to side with God, and began calling Lucifer a monster. This act of betrayal would upset Lucifer for many years to come. The two fought during the First Heavenly War, in which Michael won and on God's orders, he cast Lucifer into the Cage.

Michael and Lucifer at Stull Cemetery.

Michael later sought to initiate the Apocalypse so that, as pre-destined, he would kill Lucifer and bring about paradise on Earth. The two finally met at Stull Cemetery, with Lucifer possessing Sam and Michael possessing Adam. The two expressed a slight joy at finally meeting, but when Lucifer pleaded for Michael to "walk off the chessboard" and not fight at all, Michael - although hesitant - chose to carry out God's will once again.

Unable to talk Michael into backing down, Lucifer accepted that they had to fight and see who would win. Said battle never came to fruition since Dean Winchester interrupted them just in time. Castiel also intervened by banishing Michael using holy fire, angering Lucifer to the point that he mercilessly killed the angel.

Sam was able to regain control of his body long enough to open the doorway to the Cage, with the intent of throwing himself and Lucifer into it. Michael returned just in time and tried to prevent Sam's descent, but was pulled into the Cage by Sam and the four fell into Hell together.

It is unclear what transpired between Michael and Lucifer in the Cage. During the five Earth-years Lucifer was there, Michael had been (according to Lucifer) driven insane. When an opportunity to escape presented itself, Lucifer abandoned his brother and later stated that being Crowley's dog was much more preferable than being with an insane Michael.

Lucifer and Michael's relationship originally mirrored that of Sam and Dean, with the main difference being that Michael chose God while Dean chose Sam. Michael even went as far as to craft a weapon specifically for harming Lucifer, showing just how much Michael came to despise his younger brother, though when did he actually make this lance is uncertain, and his discussion with Dean in 1978 implies that he still held affections for his brother, but he saw God's will as more important; a conviction which would end in his imprisonment.

Lucifer and Alternate Michael

Lucifer and the other Michael

Lucifer is surprised to encounter a version of Michael in the alternate reality. He had no problem in telling him how he came from another dimension after he was asked. Lucifer considers this Michael to be a cheap "knock off" of his own Michael. When he is informed that the alternate version of himself was killed by this Michael, specifically by being torn apart, Lucifer decides to attack Michael to avoid meeting the same fate after the latter expresses a desire to do so again.

Michael overpowers him and begins twisting his arm. Lucifer screams in agony but refuses to admit he is in pain. When he asks if Michael is planning to kill him, Michael informs Lucifer that he needs him alive.

As seen in War of the Worlds, Lucifer is ruthlessly tortured by Michael who also looks into Lucifer's mind to see what Lucifer's world is like. The two mock each other's current status with Lucifer being weak and Michael being king of a "dead rock". Lucifer becomes worried when Michael decides to travel to Lucifer's world and lay claim on it, Michael taunted him over being weaker than him as Lucifer defends himself. Michael then uses a portion of Lucifer's grace to power the spell that opens the rift.

But Lucifer took advantage of the rift's opening and escapes captivity before jumping through the rift himself, which prevents Michael from following anytime soon. However, Lucifer knew that wouldn't stop him as he proceeds to warn Castiel about the impending arrival of Michael that will mean everything alive is going to die. After his capture by Asmodeus, Lucifer was to be used in the conflict with the invading Michael.

In Various & Sundry Villains, Lucifer once more tells Castiel about the Alternate Michael. He goes further into detail about Michael as he compares him to his own version of his older brother, in that he believes that once he puts his mind to something he'll do it.

During Beat the Devil, Lucifer sided with Team Free Will to fight Michael since he wanted to protect his son as he told Sam.

In Exodus, Lucifer announces the Winchesters need him to have a chance at Michael. He also stopped Jack from trying to fight Michael since it was dangerous. They meet again and Lucifer was surprised to see him as the latter smiled at him. Wanting to repay him for his humiliation, Lucifer attacked the taunting Michael who easily brushed him aside. A wounded Lucifer tried to escape through the rift but Sam left him behind with an angry Michael. Afterwards, Lucifer was seen talking to Michael and they were making a deal to get to the other world. Lucifer assured Michael of his trustworthiness by telling the latter of the ingredients for the ritual as he asked what he wanted. Lucifer wanted his son while Michael wanted everything else and questioned if they had a deal. However, Lucifer's facial reaction imply he was regretting his decision.

After returning to Earth, Lucifer left Michael to his devices as he revealed himself to a surprised Jack who he tried to get him to go with him and explore the universe and "make some improvements" if they saw the need for any. However, Jack heard a prayer from Sam first, making him teleport to the bunker and attack Michael, who tried to remind Lucifer of their deal. Lucifer tried to state Michael was lying and ignore him but he was force to give up his act and decided to steal Jack's power.

Michael then became scared of Lucifer's new power and declared it was the end of everything. Dean gave Michael his consent and the two went to confront Lucifer who realized what Dean has done. Lucifer then fought Dean powered by his brother and overpowered him but Sam tossed Dean the Archangel Blades allowing Dean to kill Lucifer. With him gone, Michael took control of Dean to begin his own reign of terror on Earth.

Lucifer and Nick

Nick meeting Lucifer.

Upon being freed from the Cage for the first time Lucifer needed a vessel, and chose the depressed Nick for reasons unclear. Nick had recently lost his wife and child to a burglar, and was still in mourning. Lucifer used this knowledge to torment Nick with visions and sounds of his deceased loved ones.

Eventually, Lucifer appeared to Nick in a dream in the guise of Nick's wife, Sarah. Nick did not believe who he was at first, though he was soon convinced as Lucifer explained his intentions of punishing God for his crimes, adding the deaths of Nick's family as one of them.

Nick wanted his family brought back, but Lucifer claimed he could not fulfill this wish, but could give him the next best thing, revenge. Recalling the loss he had suffered, Nick assented to possession, and Lucifer walked the Earth at long last.

During The Apocalypse, Lucifer gradually burnt away at Nick's body, due to the latter's incapability to house an archangel. To sustain it, Lucifer was forced to consume gallons of demon blood, according to Castiel. When Sam finally said "yes", Lucifer abandoned Nick in Detroit and left him seemingly dead.

Supposedly, Lucifer preferred Nick's image, as he would manifest in Hell and inside the Cage in the guise of Nick. Sam's hallucination of Lucifer also took on the guise of Nick's form, minus the burn marks, possibly because Sam was familiar with this form.

Nick became the first of four recurring vessels Lucifer would take since his debut.

In Family Feud, Nick's body becomes Lucifer's vessel once more after it is found, repaired and improved upon by Crowley and his demons so Nick can be Lucifer's permanent vessel. Lucifer's reaction to this is an amused "thanks."

For reasons unknown, Lucifer keeps Nick's wedding ring on. It is the only personal object belonging to a vessel Lucifer is shown with. He does not however, manifest himself with the ring, only while occupying Nick's body. Even his hallucination wore it.

Lucifer and Rowena MacLeod

After The Darkness was released from her prison, Lucifer was able to send visions to the world outside the Cage. He sent visions to Sam Winchester, in an effort to lure him to Hell and get him to say "yes" again, while at the same time, he visited Rowena in her dreams, dressed as Santa Claus as fitting for her Christmas-themed nightmare.

Relying on Rowena's adoration and desire to please powerful individuals, Lucifer seduced Rowena with a promise of queenship should she help him escape his Cage. Completely smitten, Rowena agreed to help and allowed Crowley's demons to capture her, knowing she would be brought to him as needed.

In front of Crowley, Rowena acted irritated and even more so at the sight of Sam and Dean, though she revealed her fascination in Lucifer once the trio admitted they wanted her help in contacting the Devil, a desire brought on by Sam's own visions.

Rowena used a spell from the Book of the Damned to summon Lucifer from his Cage to another one in Limbo, which was decorated in sigils and surrounded by holy fire, meant to contain the archangel and weaken him. However, Rowena secretly used sigils that could not contain Lucifer fully, allowing the archangel to take them down at will, much to Sam's eventual horror.

In an effort to banish Lucifer, Crowley used a witchcatcher to force Rowena to cast the spell that would send Lucifer back to his Cage. Although Rowena completed the spell as commanded, Lucifer was not affected as he had obtained a vessel in time, that being Castiel. Rowena was delighted, and approached her "King" as he removed the witchcatcher from her neck, and declared she was deserving of a reward.

Lucifer congratulates Rowena.

Lucifer pretended to kiss Rowena, only to pull back and ask if she was the only one who could open the Cage. Rowena confirmed this, and was promptly killed by Lucifer, her neck snapped. Fortunately, Rowena survived this through magic pre-designed to resurrect her should she die.

Disgusted by his betrayal, Rowena turned to The Darkness for an alliance, but would soon change her mind and flee to join the Winchesters. She was tasked by them to cast a warding spell to contain Lucifer, this time she did not hesitate to try her best, though when Lucifer arrived at the scene, Rowena kept herself hidden from sight. Her spell failed due to time running out, and her efforts were futile.

Lucifer was unaware of her revival and did not even suspect it, until The Darkness also arrived, claiming to be in search of Rowena. Lucifer's only response was to look over his shoulder with a smile. Rowena, terrified of the two, ended up fleeing the scene.

Lucifer and Rowena were later recruited as part of God's team to combat The Darkness. The main members gathered at a warehouse, where Lucifer complimented an unsatisfied Rowena. Their joint efforts proved fruitless in the end, and Lucifer was banished from his vessel, his immediate whereabouts unknown.

When the two met again, Lucifer admitted that all he wanted to do was snap Rownea's neck again, but being aware of how gifted she was as a witch, and her ability to read the Book of the Damned, Lucifer decided to keep her as a prisoner, as enemies should be kept closer than friends. Rowena was left mortified by this turn of events.

The first task Lucifer gave her was to strengthen his vessel so he could keep on using it. Although Rowena appeared to agree, she instead betrayed him by degrading his vessel further and sending both Lucifer and his vessel to the bottom of the ocean.

Unhappy over her part in setting Lucifer free from his prison, Rowena was willing to grant Castiel and the Winchesters her assistance in imprisoning Lucifer all over again, despite not wanting to have anything to do with the archangel anymore.

Rowena would fulfill this promise a short while later when the Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley took her to the president's location, the latter acting as Lucifer's latest vessel. After Sam expelled Lucifer from the president, Rowena cast a spell that drove Lucifer down an air vent and seemingly into The Cage.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Crowley had perverted the spell and sent Lucifer to another prison, located inside his palace. Rowena would spend five months unaware of this fact. When Lucifer finally managed to escape captivity from Crowley, he went off in search of Rowena and brutally murdered her for the same reason he killed her the first time - so no one could send him back to The Cage. He incinerated her corpse to ensure her magic could not revive her.

Unfortunately, Rowena was still able to revive herself and she admitted her fear at seeing his true face.

In Beat the Devil Lucifer was surprised to see her and Gabriel brings up killing her before the two bind and capture him. After the rift is opened, a bound Lucifer is used to continuously power the rift as the others go to the other world while Rowena watches him.

Lucifer begins taunting Rowena over her death before she retaliates by revealing that Jack is in Apocalypse World. Finally, Lucifer angrily breaks free and attacks Rowena, he thanks her for lifting his spirits and tries to kill her but she magically repels him, inadvertently sending Lucifer through the rift into Apocalypse World.

Lucifer and Vince Vincente

After testing out multiple vessels, Lucifer approaches rock star Vince Vincente upon discovering he is a powerful vessel. Taking on the guise of Vince's deceased lover Jen, Lucifer manages to convince Vince to "let him in". As part of a promise he made, Lucifer heals Vince's sister Wendy of her paralysis, showing for the first time a sense of obligation to his vessel, which he did not have for Nick or Castiel, but he did for Sam somewhat.

However, Wendy describes Lucifer healing her as seeming like simply a chore for him, meaning he did not find the task enjoyable. Meanwhile, Lucifer comes to like Vince as his vessel, and thinks wearing Vince "looks good on him".

However, like many other vessels prior, Vince begins deteriorating, so Lucifer orders Rowena to strengthen the vessel so Lucifer can keep on using Vince. Unfortunately, Rowena betrays Lucifer by speeding up the deterioration process, then blasting both Lucifer and Vince to the bottom of the ocean.

Upon returning, Lucifer uses a fossilized feather from his wings to restore Vince. Afterwards, Lucifer takes advantage of Vince's fame and convinces various women to harm themselves for him. He even kills all of Vince's bandmates and arranges for a show during which he intended to kill all the fans, only for Sam and Dean to intervene. Vince rapidly deteriorates at this point, forcing Lucifer to flee and leave Vince dead on the floor.

Overall, Vince lasted for about a month as a vessel, less than Lucifer's other recurring vessels.

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  • A majority of Lucifer's relationships don't center around genuine affection or proper companionship, as those who once cared for Lucifer (God, Michael, and Gabriel) no longer do, those who worship Lucifer (the demons, Rowena) are not loved back, and others (Sam, Dean, Castiel) simply despise him.
  • Mark Pellegrino commented that Lucifer might be able to form friendships but not romantic relationships.
  • Lucifer has many similarities to his aunt, The Darkness. Ironically, despite these similarities, she viewed him as a 'bratty child'.
    • They were both sealed away due to the danger they posed to Creation.
    • They both held anger towards God, although Amara reconciled with him, while Lucifer did not.
    • They were imprisoned by "locks", being the 66 Seals and the Mark of Cain.
    • They were sealed away under God's orders, and by a sibling.
    • Both were noted to fear their prisons.
    • Both are Primordial Entities.
    • At some point, they both bore the Mark of Cain.
    • Both are described to contain "darkness" in some way, with Lucifer's grace being noted as "dark and toxic".
    • They were the Big Bads of the last season in an era.
      • Both were dealt with in these seasons by some method other than brute force. Amara, however has reformed, and was not re-sealed.
    • They had a confrontation with the sibling that locked them away.
    • Both had a connection to the Winchesters, who were responsible for their respective releases. Amara told Dean that they were bonded, while Sam is Lucifer's true vessel. In both cases, Sam and Dean disliked their respective connections.
    • They have both corrupted another entity, with Amara corrupting Lucifer himself, and Lucifer corrupting Lilith and forming the demons.
    • Both had an Angel banishing sigil used on them, although Amara's had no effect.
    • Both were attacked with a powerful weapon that failed to kill them.
    • Both lost a war before the show began.
    • They were major antagonists in Season 11, and appeared in the finale of the previous seasons to being released, in their incorporeal forms.
    • The procedure to release them involved the death of a being.


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