Lucifer's crypts are a series of secret locations where Lucifer once stowed various powerful artifacts, one especially noteworthy being the Angel Tablet.


Early History Edit

Lucifer used one crypt to store the Angel Tablet sometime in the distant past since gaining possession of it. The location of the crypts was kept secret, only the demons closest to Lucifer were aware of where they were, and what they contained. At sometime in the past, over a hundred years before 2013, Azazel, Lucifer's most trusted loyalist, took Meg to visit them.

Season 8 Edit

In Goodbye Stranger, upon the recent resurfacing of the news on the angel tablet, demons, under Crowley's employment, had begun raiding the crypts to take hold of the tablet. Naomi also began to search for the crypts with the aid of Castiel, whom she manipulated and controlled to do Heaven's bidding. Being the sole demon left privy to the true locations of the crypts, Meg was tortured by Crowley, giving him some general locations. She gave the exact needed location to Sam and Dean after they and Castiel rescued her and Castiel got away with the angel tablet while Meg was killed buying Sam and Dean time to escape from Crowley.

The crypt that housed the angel tablet later became the rendezvous of Crowley and Naomi, in which the demon proposed a deal with the angel, who then left even before the deal was introduced.

Season 11 Edit

In The Vessel, After being released from his cage once again, Lucifer sent demons to his crypts to recover several artifacts, hoping that one of them could help him defeat the Darkness. However, he soon dismissed them as not powerful enough to fulfill their intended task.

However, during God's battle against the Darkness, the Darkness was severely weakened, enabling one weapon, a spear, to penetrate Amara's body and leave her horribly injured.

Season 12 Edit

In Rock Never Dies, a couple of amateur Satanists attempt to summon Lucifer with one of them having gotten hold of a feather from Lucifer's wings that had been dug out of one his crypts. Lucifer appears, kills the Satanists and uses the feather to heal his vessel Vince Vincente.


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