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A Love Spell is a type of luring spell used to make a target fall in love with the caster.


The spell will make the affected person fall hopelessly in love with the caster immediately, making them willing to do anything for the caster.


The spell was used by sisters Jamie and Jennie Plum to make men do whatever they wanted. They then tended to kill the men in non-magical ways afterwards to cover their tracks.

In order to steal the Black Grimoire, Jamie and Jennie cast this spell on hunter Dean Winchester. Though they succeeded in stealing the Black Grimoire, Rowena MacLeod broke the spell on Dean.


The user must put a red hex bag containing unknown ingredients in the pocket of the target. They must then recite a Latin spell:

"Aegrota amore."   (Roughly means "Sick Love.")

After being cast, the witch's and the target's eyes will flash purple.


Witch Rowena MacLeod was able to counter the love spell with an unknown counter-spell that blasted Dean with a bolt of energy. The breaking of the spell caused the hex bag to immediately burst into flames.


  • This spell has the characteristic of not being lifted up even when the hex bag is pulled away from its target, as seen with Dean Winchester.