Lorraine Fox is the mother of Asa Fox.


Lorraine was against Asa's decision to hunt and often tried to sabotage his work, though this failed to discourage him. As a result, Lorraine developed a resentment towards Mary Winchester, the person whom introduced Asa to the supernatural.

When Asa died, Lorraine was among many guests to participate in the wake. Here, she met Mary, and Lorraine expressed her disdain towards hunters in general. This changed after the demon Jael invaded the ceremony and started possessing people. Through the combined efforts of various hunters, Jael was exorcised.

The experience gave Lorraine a new perspective towards hunters and she began to appreciate the good things they did. She was also shocked to discover that Asa had two children, Alicia and Max Banes, who were present at the wake. Lorraine decided to bond with them.


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