Lori Sorensen is a pastor's daughter, and a string of murders happen around her. She also is one of Sam's brief love interests. Because of her growing up as a pastor's daughter, she has very high moral values, which the hookman grabs onto.


She was going on a date with her boyfriend when the hookman struck. Before she went, her roommate helped her dress "hot". When her boyfriend tried to make a move on her, they began to hear noises. He went out to see what it was, while Lori stayed in the car. She then heard scraping noise, and got out of the car only to find her boyfriend hanging upside down over the car.

Sam and Dean Winchester meet her in her father's church, and Sam talks to her after the service. Lori tells him what happened. Shortly after, her roommate tries to talk her into a party, but Lori turns it down. When Lori returns to her dorm, she notices her roommate asleep, and doesn't turn the lights on. In the morning, she discovers her roommate dead. The police question her, and she notices Sam and Dean drive by. Her father takes her home after the questioning.

After a fight with her father, Lori comes out of her house and sits beside Sam (who was lurking about). They talk (she tells Sam about her father having an affair with a married woman) and later share a kiss, but Sam stops it. Her father comes out, only to be grabbed by the hookman, and Lori is horrified. Sam later finds Lori in the church and she blames herself for everything and believes she should be punished. Acting on her wish, the hookman comes. Sam and Dean manage to get rid of it. As Sam leaves, she thanks him.


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