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Loretta Keene is the wife of Davis Keene, she appears in Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss


At some point in her life Loretta met Davis Keene, who was the love of her life, Loretta and David ended up getting married. However Loretta's friends said that her feelings for Davis would change after she had her first kid, however Loretta's feelings for Davis did not change and they ended up having three more sons, the youngest being named Ritchie on April 18, 1988. Loretta also didn't seem to like Christianity but went along with Davis so she wouldn't have to argue with him.

On Ritchie's seventh birthday party Davis went to his job as usual, however when Davis returned Loretta noticed that seemed Davis had shut down and had never touched her since then. Loretta knew that something had happened to Davis while on the job and tried to find out what had happened however Davis refused to tell her what had happened to him during the job. The next day Davis had Loretta, and their sons baptized and chose to not argue with him and obeyed him.

When Davis was brutally murdered by an unknown naked woman with black hair, Loretta went to his funeral which was a closed casket due to his head never being found. Loretta was later interviewed by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, who posed as FBI agents, Loretta informed Sam and Dean about when Davis had acted strange. Loretta later said how she didn't want any hypocrites telling her how Davis' brutal end was God's will and asks why she would want any part of God when he let something like this happen to one of his followers. The information given to them by Loretta, along with the death of Charlie Himes help Sam, Dean and Xochi Cazadora discover the tzitzimimeh's plans to unleash chaos on Earth and they manage to foil their plans.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Loretta looked like a retired model with mile-high legs in a sundress with elegant cheekbones and big blue eyes that were starting to crinkle in the corners and thick blond hair that was casually curled up into a ponytail.


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