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The Lord of the Hunt is just a nickname I gave him. (...) I managed to find some Native American lore that describes a creature like him, but according to those stories, he was here long before humans of any kind set foot on this continent, so who knows how old he is? He could be as old as the world itself. (...) When we first found him in the woods, we let him be. He appeared harmless enough and there are a lot of strange things living in these hills, not all of which are dangerous. When we can in these parts, we tend to live and let live. (...) I was determined to take down the sonofabitch that killed my husband and I intended to do whatever it took to make that happen. The Lord of the Hunt grants strength to those who sacrifice to him and I realized that if he could make the three of us stronger, we'd have a better chance of finding and killing the goddamn Sheepsquatch.
— Julie Underwood tells Sam and Dean about the Lord of the Hunt and why her family made a deal with him.
in Supernatural: Mythmaker

The Lord of the Hunt was the name given to an ancient god by Julie Underwood that granted her and her family superhuman abilities.


The Lord of the Hunt was an ancient god that, according to Native American lore, was in North America before any humans stepped foot there, likely making him tens of thousands of years old at least. He became known to the Native Americans as a being that could grant them enhanced abilities in exchange for sacrifices being made to him.

By the early 21st-century, the Lord of the Hunt was living in the woods of West Virginia, an area where many creatures lived, although many were harmless and were thus left alone by the inhabitants. By this time, the Lord of the Hunt had been starving for a very long time and was left in an extremely weakened and emaciated state. In about 1998, he was found by the Underwood family a couple of weeks after Mr. Underwood was killed by the creature they came to call Sheepsquatch. Due to his weakened state and lack of threat to them, the Underwood family left the Lord of the Hunt alone.

Eventually, after checking the lore, Julie Underwood learned from Native American stories about how the Lord of the Hunt could grant those who sacrificed to him enhanced abilities. Obsessed with getting revenge upon the Sheepsquatch, the Underwoods took the Lord of the Hunt home and made a deal with him where they would feed him in exchange for the Lord of the Hunt granting them the power they desired. The Underwoods began with feeding him small animals such as squirrels and rabbits, but the strength eating the Lord of the Hunt got from eating them proved to be too little for the Underwoods. As a result, they began feeding him bigger animals such as cats, dogs and pigs, usually more than one at a time. The Lord of the Hunt was able to grant the Underwoods greater strength than he had before, but it proved to not be enough to kill Sheepsquatch.

Determined to gain their revenge upon Sheepsquatch, the Underwoods decided that they had to feed a human to the Lord of the Hunt. After John Winchester asked Julie to take in his sons for awhile, Julie offered to sacrifice both Sam and Dean to the Lord of the Hunt if he gave them the power to kill the Sheepsquatch first. Having not been able to feed so well in a very long time, the Lord of the Hunt agreed and granted the Underwoods the enhanced strength, speed and endurance they needed to finally kill Sheepsquatch with the help of the Winchesters as well as regenerative abilities that allowed them to survive normally fatal injuries without a problem, particularly Stewart who broke his back in the fight.

In the aftermath of Sheepsquatch's death, the Underwoods drugged the Winchesters and tied them up in the basement where the Lord of the Hunt was tied to a chair as he was too weak to even hold himself up. The Underwoods explained to the Winchesters about their history with the Lord of the Hunt and how they intended to sacrifice the brothers to him to satisfy their deal with the being. However, Dean was able to knock over a shelf of chemicals, allowing the Winchesters the chance to escape their bonds as Julie called out to the Lord of the Hunt to have him consume them.

As the Winchesters broke free, the chance at consuming two strong young men caused the Lord of the Hunt to break his own bonds and attack. In his weakened state, the god proves to be slow and Dean is able to stab him in the heart with a knife. However, the knife fails to harm the Lord of the Hunt who hit Dean with a lurching blow from his arm, sending Dean stumbling backwards into shelves which collapse upon him though he managed to keep his balance. However, the blow distracted Dean for a moment and his knife remained lodged in the god's body. The Lord of the Hunt turned on Dean, but Sam took the opportunity to attack him, easily dodging the god's attempted strikes and stabbing him in the heart from another angle with no more luck than Dean had.

Instead of knocking Sam away as he did Dean, the Lord of the Hunt grabbed him by the throat and began attempting to consume Sam as Sam thrusted his knife several more times into the god's midsection to no avail. In a final attempt to kill the god, Sam attempted to stab him through the eye and into the brain, but Sam's swing was wild and he only succeeded in hitting the Lord of the Hunt's left antler which broke off from the blow. As the Lord of the Hunt brought Sam close to him body to consume him, Dean suddenly stabbed him in the back with his own broken off antler, causing the Lord of the Hunt intense pain. Seizing his chance, Dean drove the antler deeper into the Lord of the Hunt's back until suddenly, the god and his antler crumbled to dust. His death caused the Underwoods to lose all of the extra energy the Lord of the Hunt gave them along with their remaining life force and they died.

Years later, during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois, Sam remembered the Winchesters encounter with the Lord of the Hunt and realized that he must've been a god, something that Dean agreed with. Having learned from their encounter with Karrion and Armament that the new gods could only be killed by their own weapons, Sam is left stumped how the antler killed the Lord of the Hunt since it wasn't really a weapon. Later on, while fighting Adamantine, Sam remembered their encounter with the Lord of the Hunt once again and it inspired him to have Sam and Dean use Adamantine's own gauntlet to kill her, with Sam later explaining that he remembered how the Lord of the Hunt could only be killed by his own antler and the other gods could only be killed by their own weapons.

Powers and Abilities

As a god, the Lord of the Hunt once possessed powerful abilities, but was greatly weakened by age and starvation when the Winchesters met him.

  • Immortality - As a god, he was tens of thousands of years old, possibly even older. His exact age is unknown, but Native American lore stated that he was around long before the first humans ever set foot on North America.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, he was invulnerable to most forms of harm. Even in his weakened state, the Lord of the Hunt retained his invulnerability and knives to the heart caused him no injury. Multiple stab wounds to the midsection only caused puffs of dust to appear from where the knife entered, but otherwise did no harm to him though a blow to his antler knocked it off his head.
  • Absorption - The Lord of the Hunt absorbed his prey into himself to feast on their life force. When he did so, he left nothing of them behind. It was shown that when he did this, a seam in his chest opened up in his chest that only darkness was visible inside and sent cold wafting forward.
  • Power Granting - The Lord of the Hunt could grant superhuman abilities to those who sacrificed to him. The amount of power depended on the amount of energy he absorbed from the sacrifices. To the Underwoods, after being fed many animals over a year and a half period of time and after being promised two strong young men as future sacrifices, he was able to give superhuman strength, speed, endurance and regenerative abilities enabling them to recover quickly from usually fatal injuries. A side effect of this however, at least in his weakened state, was that when he died, not only did the Underwoods lose the power he gave them, but their remaining life force as well and they died.
  • Super Strength - Even in his weakened state, the Lord of the Hunt still possessed strength greater than that of a normal human. With just a lurching hit of his arm, he knocked Dean Winchester stumbling across a room into some shelves. He also proved strong enough to strangle Sam Winchester one-handed and not have Sam be able to break his grip.


  • Starvation - After an unknown but presumably long period of starvation, he was left in a severely weakened and emaciated state.
  • His Antlers - Dean killed him by stabbing him with one of his own antlers.



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